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MNJ Volume 3 (1948)

Volume 3(1) March 1948

Editorial :

  1. Plants and climate in Malaya by R. E. holttum 
  2. The Robber Crab by C. A. Gibson-Hill
  3. More of The Che Wong by C. S. Ogilvie
  4. The Balsams of The Malay Peninsula by M. R. Henderson
  5. The riddle of the Bearded Pig by J. E. Kempe



Volume 3(2) June 1948


  1. Notes on The Nesting of Some Birds of The Malayan Mountains by E. k. Allin & A. T. Edgar
  2. The Resam Ferns of Malayan (Gleichenia) by R. E. Holttum
  3. The Brown Booby by C. A. Gibson-Hill
  4. Trout in The Cameron Highlands by D. W. Le Mare
  5. Notes on The Larvae of Some Common Malayan Butterflies by R. Morrell
  6. Nidification and Other Field Notes on Some Malayan Birds by E. F. Allen
  7. Fishes of The Malayan  Padi Fields, I Sepat Siam (Trichogaster Pectoralis) by Soong Min Kong
  8. Two Malayan Bears by A. H. Fetherstonhaugh
  9. The Swarming of The Termites by E. H. Bromley

Letters to the Editor:

  1. Fight between a Snakes and A Lizard by J. W. Rawlins
  2. A Praying Mantis Sheds His Skin by A. H. Fetherstonhaugh
  3. Birds Recorded From Terengganu Garden by W. A. Cooper
  4. The Bearded Pig by E. F. Allen

Abstract and Reviews

Volume 3(3) September 1948


  1. Shore Crabs by M. W. F. Tweedie 
  2. The Malayan Frigate – Birds by C. A. Gibson-Hill
  3. Natural History and Scrub Typhus by Dr. J. R. Audy 
  4. A Key to The Rats of Malaya by J. L. Harrison
  5. A Note On The Need For Observation On The Brookiana Swallowtail Butterfly by R. J. A. W. Lever
  6. Flowers of Fraser’s Hill by Mrs. E. D. H. Cotterell 
  7. Rare Plants by M. R. Henderson 


Letters to The Editor :

Voice of The Giant Spinetail Swift, and Breeding of The Banded Bay Cuckoos by E. H. Bromley


Abstracts and Reviews

Volume 3(4) December 1948


  1. Report of General Meeting, and Statements of Accounts
  2. Malayan Wild Flowers by M. R. Henderson
  3. Some Ecological Effects of Deforestation and Settlement by J. R. Audy 
  4. The Malayan Swiftlets by C. A. Gibson Hill 
  5. A Key to The Squirrels of Malaya by J. L. Harrison
  6. A Rare Form of Papilio Memnon From Singapore by M. W. F. Tweedie
  7. Further Notes on The Nesting of Mountain Birds by E. H. Bromley 


Letters to The Editor :

  1. Brookiana Swallowtail Butterfly by Soong Min Kong, A. P. Blackburn, J. W. Rawlins
  2. Mites and Muddled Names – An Apology by J. R. Audy 


Schools’ Section :

Pet Rats by J. L. Harrison