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MNJ Volume 4 (1949)

Volume 4 (1) March 1949

Editorial :

  1. Malayan Wild Flowers, continued  by M. R. Henderson 
  2. Notes on The Nesting of The Bridled Tern on The Malayan Coast by C. A. Gibson-Hill 
  3. Some Notes on a Malayan Bamboo Rat by Charles S. Ogilvie 
  4. Fishes of The Malayan Padi-Fields (Part II. Aruan : Serpent-Head Fishes by Soong Min Kong
  5. Malayan Rodents by J. L. Harrison 
  6. A Note on The Geometrid Month, Milonia, In Malaya and Further Notes on Troides brookiana by J. W. Hislop
  7. The Calls of The Silvered Leaf Monkey by C. A. Gibson-Hill 


Letters to The Editor:

  1. A Further List of Butterflies From Penang by J. W. Rawlins
  2. The Nest of The Greater Shrike-Babbler, and A Mating Between Changeable Hawk-Eagles in Different Colour Phases by F. G. H. Allen 
  3. Nesting of The White-Billied Swiftlet by T. P. Coe 

Volume 4 (2) June 1949


  1. The Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins known in Malayan Waters by C. A. Gibson-Hill
  2. Some Field Notes on The Bearded Pig by J. A. Hislop
  3. Some Mammals of Borneo by Tom Harrison
  4. Changes in The Status of Some Birds in Lower Perak by E. F. Allen
  5. Nesting Habits and Early of The Crested Green Wood by Charles S. Ogilvie
  6. Malayan Scorpion Orchids by R. E. Holttum

Letters to the Editor
Schools’ Section

Volume 4 (3 & 4) December 1955 `{`REPRINT`}`


  1. Malayan Wild Flowers by M.R. Henderson