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MNJ Volume 5 (1950 – 1951)

Volume 5 (1) March 1950

Editorial :

  1. Report of General Meeting and Statement of Accounts
  2. Pulau Perak by C. A. Gibson-Hill 
  3. A Note on The Created Tree-Swift by C. A. Gibson-Hill 
  4. Butterflies of Ophir by J. A. Hislop 
  5. Two interesting Singapore Butterflies by M. W. F. Tweedie 
  6. Some Malayan Shrews by J. L. Harrison
  7. The Dugong by C. A. Gibson-Hill


Short Notes :

  1. Some Malay Bird Names by G. Stubbs 
  2. Further Notes on Troides Brookiana by G. Stubbs 
  3. Nesting Localities of Terns Off The Perak Coast by E. J. H. Berwick
  4. A Note on The Common Dog-Faced Fruit-Bat by E. J. H. Berwick 


Letters to The Editor:

  1. Banana Curiosity by J. A. Le Doux 
  2. Some observation on A Flying Lemur by Ena C. Hunt 
  3. Woodpeckers in South Johore by G. Hutchinson 
  4. A  “Tock – Tock” Records? by H. W. Evans 

Volume 5 (2) June 1950


  1. A Visit to Jarak Island in The Malacca Straits by J. R. Audy
  2. Notes on Some Birds Occurring in Thailand and Malaya by G. C. Madoc 
  3. Myna Matters by C. A. Gibson-Hill 
  4. The Nesting of The Chestnut-Headed Bee-Eater by B. D. Molesworth
  5. A Survey of Common Squirrels by J. L. Harrison 
  6. Photographing Butterflies by M. W. F. Tweedie 
  7. Fishes of The Malayan Padi Fields Part III by Soong Min Kong 
  8. The Story of A Tapir by J. A. Hislop 


Short Notes:

  1. Reflections on The Seasonal Behavior of Two Common Birds in Singapore by R. E. Holttum 
  2. Mosquitoes from Pitcher Plants in the Cameron Highlands by R. J. A. W. Lever
  3. Two Little Known Animals by J. L. Harrison 


Letters to The Editor :

  1. Sonerila Prostrata by S. J. L. Ludgater
  2. Chasen, Kempe and The Bearded Pig by C. A. Gibson-Hill 

Volume 5 (3) March 1951


  1. Pig Snares by J. A. Hislop
  2. Klang Gates and Bukit Takun by J. A. Reid
  3. Notes on Birds Occurring in Thailand and Malaya: Part 2 by G. C. Madoc
  4. Squirrels for Bird Watchers by J. L. Harrison
  5. The Nicobar Pigeon and Two New Birds in The Straits of Malacca by E. F. Allen
  6. Notes on The Perak River Turtle by J. H. Loch

Short Notes:

  1. The Nicobar Pigeon, and Two New Birds in The Straits of Malacca by E. F. Allen
  2. Notes on The Perak River Turtles by  J. H. Loch

Letters to The Editor:

  1. Feeding Habit of The Common Carpenter Bee by Loke Wan Tho
  2. A Nest of The Silver Eared Mesia by G. D. V. Prendergast
  3. Snipe in Kelantan by H. K. Ashby
  4. Pulau Rembia by E. F. Allen
  5. A Possible Record on The Javan or Lesser One Jorned Rhinoceros in Malaya by P. F. Burgess

Volume 5 (4) December 1951


  1. Short Notes on Migratory Birds by E. F. Allen
  2. Butterfly Menu by J. A. Hislop
  3. Notes on some Birds Occurring in Thailand and Malaya: Part 3 Rhinoceroses by G. C. Madoc
  4. A Kuala Lumpur Garden by Night by A. H. Fatherstonhaugh
  5. Review: Nature Notes from King George V National Park by J. L. Harrison


Letters to Editor:

  1. The Great Mormon Butter fly by S. J. Ludgater Facing
  2. The Nicobar Pigeon – I by J. Wyatt-Smith
  3. The Nicobar Pigeon – II by  E. D. B. Wolfe
  4. The Breeding of The Rose-ringed Paroquet in Singapore by F. G. H. Allen
  5. “Anting” Among Birds by G. C. Madoc
  6. Southern Distribution of The Coppersmith Barbet by E. F. Allen
  7. A Bird Mimic by E. D. B. Wolfe
  8. Distribution of The Pied Imperial Pigeon by J. Wyatt-Smith
  9. A Bat Eating a Bird by J. Wyatt-Smith
  10. Squirrels eating Flowers by J. A. Reid
  11. The Giant Millipedes by J. R. Audy
  12. A Note on Rearing the Atlas Moth by O. K. Abraham
  13. The Pupation of a Hawk Moth by J. A. le Doux

Report of The Fourth Annual General Meeting List of Members, 1950 & 1951