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MNJ Volume 7 (1952-1953)

Volume 7 (1) March 1952

An Appreciation

Editorial :

  1. Two Crabs of the Sandy Shores by M. W. F. Tweedie
  2. Notes on Some Birds in Kelantan and Terengganu by E. J. H. Berwick
  3. Nature Notes from King George V National Park,1950 Insect Parasites of the Egg of the Hawk Moth Hippotion Celerio by H. J. Kitchener
  4. More about Bearded Pig by J. A. Hislop
  5. Feeding Habits of some Singapore Birds by R. J. Spittle


  1. A New Bird Book
  2. Eurasian Mammals


  1. Scenery of Malaya by J. G. Reed
  2. The Pied Imperial Pigeon by Tom Harrisson
  3. The Nicobar Pigeon by E. J. H. Berwick
  4. Food of Binturong by J. L. Harrison
  5. Distribution of Troides Brookiana by E. J. H. Berwick
  6. Millipede Swarms by J. L. Harrison
  7. A Bird Migration by H. T. Pagden
  8. The Black-Crested Baza by S. J. Ludgater

Volume 7 (2) June 1952


  1. Malayan Forest Types by J. Wyatt-Smith
  2. Introducing Bats by J.L. Harrison
  3. Two striking Caterpillars by Roy Morell
  4. The Paradise Tree Snake by M. W. F. Tweedie


  1. Atlas Moths by S. J. Ludgater
  2. A possible Case of Pupal Mimicry by M. W. F. Tweedie
  3. Birds on Sydney Lake by T. P. Coe
  4. The Pied Wagtail by T. P. Coe
  5. A Squirrel Eating Lizards by V. S. Basnayake
  6. Partnership in Birdlife? by F. G. H. Allen
  7. A White Swallow by F. G. H. Allen
  8. Two Rare Birds in Penang by J. Cairns

Volume 7 (3) September 1952

Dr. J. G. Reed, A Lover of Malayan Scenery


  1. Hornets in Malaya by H. T. Pagden
  2. Some Notes on Birds Nesting at Fraser’s Hill by F. G. H. Allen
  3. Malayan Forest Types by J. Wyatt-Smith
  4. Sea-birds of The Borneo Coast and Their Scarcity by Tom Harrisson


  1. Atlas Moths by S. J. Ludgater
  2. Parasites of Insect Eggs by H. T. Pagden
  3. A Tame Binturong by J. D. Boles
  4. Figs and Feathers by J. A. Reid
  5. A White Mynah by James Cairns
  6. Partnership in Birdlife by James Cairns
  7. The Nest and Eggs of The Greybacked Shrike Lanius schach by  E. H. Bromley
  8. A Bat that took The Wrong Turning? by Tom Harrisson
  9. Weld Hill Forest Reserve by J. A. Reid

Erratum: The Paradise Snake

Report of The Fifth Annual General Meeting

Volume 7 (4) December 1952


  1. Malayan Aquarium Fish by M. W. F. Tweedie
  2. Fruit Bats by J. L. Harrison
  3. Some Common Grasses by J. A. Reid
  4. Further Notes on The Nesting of The Chesnut-headed Bee-eate by B. D. Molesworth


  1. Rare Visitors and Passage Migrants in Penang by James Cairns
  2. A Very Late Nesting of The Crested Tree-Swift by F. G. H. Allen
  3. Woodpeckers and Rubber by M. E. L. Robey


  1. Butterflies and The National Museum
  2. Nature Notes from The Game Department
  3. The Behaviour and Language of Animals and Scientists

Volume 7 (5) March 1953


  1. Malayan Necklace Orchids of The Genus Coelogyne by R. E. Holttum
  2. Malayan Aquarium Fishes by M. W. F. Tweedie
  3. Studies of Malayan Birds by James Cairns
  4. Skin Change of The Flying Gecko by H. J. Kitchener
  5. Strolling on The Ceiling by J. R. Audy
  6. Insect-eating Bats by J. L. Harrison

List of Members 1952-53