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MNJ Volume 8 (1953-1954)

Volume 8 (1) June 1953

Editorial :

  1. Cycas in Malaya by R. E. Holttum
  2. On the Eggs of insects and Their Parasites by R. J. A. W. Lever
  3. Further Notes on Birds Nesting at Fraser’s Hill by  F. G. H. Allen
  4. The Elephant’s Terror by E. C. Foenander
  5. Photographing Moths on Bait by M. W. F. Tweedie
  6. A Miscellany of Notes by James Cairns


  1. Pittas in The Mountains by F. G. H. Allen
  2. Nesting of A Pair of Coppersmith Barbets by June Wingate
  3. Strolling on The Ceiling by J. M. Patrick
  4. Crows Seen at Hill Stations by F. G. H. Allen
  5. The Scaly Ant-eater by F. Bede Cox
  6. Vernacular Notes of Mammals by J. L. Harrison

Volume 8 (2) September 1953

Meetings for Natural History


  1. Malayan Aquarium Fishes by M. W. F. Tweedie
  2. Malayan Forest Types (III) by J. Wyatt-Smith
  3. A Remarkable Winged Seed by J. Reid


  1. The Eggs of a Nightjar by H. J. Kitchener
  2. Bees by E. St. Clair-Morford
  3. A Pelican in Malacca by E. H. Bromley
  4. A Magistration of Mynahs by J. N. Dugdale
  5. Rare Visitors and Passage Migrants in Penang by James Cairns
  6. A Serow from Perlis by J. R. Milburn
  7. An Abundance of Flowers by R. P. G. Brodie
  8. A Collared Scops Owl by R. M. Treble
  9. Buah Sabun by N. I. Stewart
  10. A Note for Shell Collectors



  1. The Fauna of Malaya – Snakes
  2. Trees of The Forest
  3. The Ecology of a Bird
  4. Keeping Pets

A New Popular Pamphlet

Report of The Sixth Annual General Meeting

Volume 8 (3) December 1953


  1. The Klang Gates Ridge by W. Adams
  2. Some Common Ferns of The Open Country by Betty Allen
  3. The Nesting of The Whitecrowned Forktail by  F. G. H. Allen
  4. Papilio Memnon Agenor in Singapore: Some Problems of Mmicry by R. Morrell


  1. Strollers on The Ceiling by C. L. Colenette
  2. Food of The Black-naped Oriole by M. L. Webber
  3. Bees and Beekeeping by E. F. Allen
  4. Bearded Pig Swim Again
  5. Names of Mammals in The Dusun Language of N. Borneo
  6. News from Local Branches by J. L. Harrison and Robert Traub

Volume 8 (4) March 1954


  1. Some Common Ferns of The Open Country (Part II) by Betty Allen
  2. Diatoms by H. J. Kitchener
  3. Notes on The Larval Habits of a Group of Nymphalid Butterflies by  R. Morell


  1. Wild Dogs by T. C. Masters
  2. A Naked Bulldog Bat by H. J. Kitchener
  3. Mount Ophir by D. M. Batchelor
  4. Food of The Black-naped Oriole by H. T. Pagden
  5. Mistaking a Butterfly for A Bird by Lin Yong Peng
  6. Strolling Off the Ceiling by J. A. Reid
  7. Mammal Names in Dusun by J. A. Reid
  8. Sick Birds by C. E. Gordon-Smith
  9. An Usual Mantis

News from Local Branches

List of Members