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MNJ Volume 11 (1956-1957)

Volume 11 (1 & 2) November 1956

Editorial :

  1. An Illustrated Key to Malayan Hard Corals by A. G. Searlw







Volume 11 (3) March 1957


  1. Mr H. N. Ridley, C. M. G., F. R. S.
  2. Observation at a Nest of The Chestnut-backed Forktail by G. C. Madoc
  3. The Status of Some Resident Birds on The East Coast by H. G. D. Lewin
  4. Some Notes on the Birds of The Cameron Highlands by F. G. H. Allen
  5. An Introduction to The Desmids of Malaya by G. A. Prowse
  6. The Malay Names of Ferns by Anne Johnson
  7. An Introduction to Malayan Jellyfish by A. G. Searle



  1. Migrating Birds of Prey by G. C. Madoc
  2. Sea-cow off the East Coast by J. P. Blackledge
  3. Blue-and-orange Flycatcher by F. G. H. Allen
  4. A Bulbul’s Nest, A Strange Occurrence by J. W. Purseglove
  5. Unsual Food for an Oriole by F. G. H. Allen
  6. A Glide by a Crested Green Lizard by F. G. H. Allen
  7. Photographing Vegetation by J. R. Audy
  8. Chinese Crested Mynah by J. Cairns
  9. Holes-in-the-ground Study Group by J. A. Reid
  10. Vitality of Ring-barked Coral Trees by J. A. Reid

Report of The Ninth annual General Meeting

Volume 11 (4) May 1957


  1. Miscellaneous Notes on Malayan Butterflies by Roy Morrell
  2. An Ornithological Note on Pulau Jarak by G. C. Madoc
  3. Some Malayan Cowries by R. J. Griffiths
  4. Penang Bee-eater by James Cairns
  5. A Maternity Colony of Bats by John Hendrickson



  1. A Snake’s Eyes by M. W. F. Tweedie
  2. A Yellow-Throated Marten by J. P. Blackledge
  3. Young Otters in Captivity by J. R. Hendrickson
  4. The Bite of a Blue Malaysian Coral Snake or Ular Matahari by J. L. Harrison
  5. Coppersmith Barbet by J. J. Carr

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List of Members, 1956-1957