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MNJ Volume 12 (1957-1958)

Volume 12 (1) September 1957

Editorial :

  1. Monitor Lizards of Malaya by J. L. Harrison & Lim Boo-Liat
  2. A Note on Some Swamp Birds on a Tin Mine in Selangor by R. G. H. Cant
  3. Notes of Communal Flight Activity of Stingless Bees by H. T. Pagden
  4. An Introduction to Malayan Termites by W. Victor Harris


Letters :

  1. A Double-Tailed Gecko by Betty Allen
  2. Peripatus in Malaya by J. Hendrickson
  3. The Blue and Orange Flycatcher by Daphne F. Loch
  4. A Rare Singapore Find by C. R. V. D’ Abrera
  5. An Unusual Copperhead Racer by P. Maule- Ffinch
  6. A Change Encounter with Two Serows by J. N. Eliot
  7. Malayan Rubber by H. M. Burkill


Book Reviews: Butterflies

Report of The Tenth Annual General Meeting

News from Local Branches

Volume 12 (2) December 1957

Editorial :

  1. Some Aspects of Biological Research in Malaya by J. R. Audy
  2. A Survey of Malayan Freshwater Life by D. S. Johnson
  3. Fish and Food Chains by  G. A. Prowse
  4. A Survey for Useful Chemicals in Malayan Plants by  A. K. Kiang and B. Douglas
  5. The Sexual Generations of Ferns and Club-mosses by Anne Johnson
  6. Results of Mark-recapture Experiments on Small Animals by J. L. Harrison

Volume 12 (3) February 1958


  1. Plants of The Tin Tailings by J. A. Reid
  2. Some Notes on The Snakes of Asahan, Malacca by D. M. Batchelor
  3. A Little known Wasp’s Nest Polybioides Raphigastra (Sauss.) by H. T. Pagden



  1. Tail Vibration in Malayan Snakes by J. P. J. Waters
  2. Colour Patterns of Some Malayan Snakes by B. L. Lim
  3. Gliding by The Green Crested Lizard by J. A. Reid
  4. The Yellow Throated Marten by D. M. Batchelor
  5. Another Peculiar Seed by D. M. Batchelor
  6. A Nest of The Red Whiskered Bulbul by A. E. Llewellyn
  7. A Note on The Birds at Grik, Upper Perak by K. L. Wells
  8. Strange Behavior of a Woodpecker by C. B. Harrison
  9. Sea Skaters, An Appeal by J. L. Harrison


Erratum: Trigona Iridipennis
News from Local Branches
Branch Annual Reports, 1956-7

Volume 12 (4) May 1958


  1. Some Malayan Social Wasps by H. T. Pagden
  2. The Arrow-tailed Flying Squirrel by C. S. Ogilvie
  3. A Note on Some Swamp Birds on a Tin Mine in Selangor: Part II by R. G. H. Cant
  4. Dolphins in The South China Sea by H. G. D. Lewin
  5. The Food and Habitat of The Fighting-Fish by F. R. Alfred
  6. A Checklist of The Birds Seen at Asahan Malacca: Part I by D. M. Batchelor



  1. The Tiger Cowrie in Trengganu by E. F. Allen
  2. The Indo-Chinese Wolf Snake by Lim Boo-Liat
  3. A Lowland Lady Butterfly by D. M. Batchelor
  4. Size-variation in The Edible Pond-Snail by D. S. Johnson
  5. Birds at Cameron Highlands by T. M. Oliver
  6. Stinging and Irritant Plants by G. C. Whittow
  7. Variation in a Plant at Fraser’s Hill by J. A. Reid


Book Reviews:

  1. Nature Study in Schools
  2. Biology in a University


News from Local Branches
List of Members