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MNJ Volume 13 (1958-1959)

Volume 13 (1) October 1958

Editorial :

  1. The Binturong or Bear-cat by G. S. Ogilve
  2. Birds Nesting on The Ginting Sempah by F. G. H. Allen
  3. Botanical Notes on Some Sand Dunes in Kuala Trengganu by Lim Yong Peng
  4. A Checklist of The Birds Seen at Asaha , Malacca: Part II by D. M. Batchelor


Letters :

  1. A Fltying Squirrel that really flew by W. Adams
  2. An Experiment with Leeches by J. S. Grant
  3. Monkey Tricks by H. M. Burkill


Book Reviews:

  1. Malayan Birds
  2. Tropical Insects
  3. Wanted


Report of The Eleventh Annual General Meeting
Branch Reports
Rules of The Malayan Nature Society

Volume 13 (2) December 1958

Editorial :

  1. An Account of The Thallose Liverworts found in Malaya by Anne Johnson
  2. The Harlequin Monitor Lizard by Lim Boo Liat
  3. Some Botanical Books for Malaya, an Annotated List by Betty Allen
  4. The Life History of The Blue Nawab Butterfly by C. R. V. D’ Abrera
  5. Some New and Interesting Butterflies Recorded from Malays by C. F. Cowan



  1. The Canine Teeth of a Young Tiger by J. L. Harrison
  2. Bay-headed Bee-eater by H. T. Pagden
  3. The Green Magpie by F. G. H. Allen
  4. Little Egret Breeding in Perak by James Cairns
  5. A Snake’s Last Fling by H. T. Pagden
  6. Bat Behaviour by N. S. Maccoll


The Weeping Shores of Pahang

Letters from Honorary Members

Volume 13 (3 & 4) July 1959

A Student’s Guide to the Ferns of Singapore Island

  1. Introduction
  2. Ecology of Ferns
  3. Bukit Timah
  4. Mangroves
  5. Sandy Sea-coast
  6. The Islands
  7. Urban and Cultivated Areas
  8. List of Ferns Recorded from Singapore Island, with Malay or Local Names


General Key to Identification

  • How to Use the Key
  • Glossary of Terms Used
  • Key to Identification


Description of Families and Species of Ferns:

  • List of Genera, Ferns and Allies on Singapore Island
  • Descriptions of Families and Species of Ferns on Singapore Island



 Fern- Allies (Selaginellaceae and Lycopodiaceace)


Indices (to Families, Subjects)