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MNJ Volume 14 (1959-1960)

Volume 14 (1) September 1959

Editorial :

  1. Asahan Butterflies by D. M. Batchelor
  2. Feeding an Elephant Calf by K. L. Wells
  3. The Value of The Flora Malesiana for All who are Interested in Tropical Botany by C. G. G. J. Van Steenis
  4. Birds and Plants by Salim A. Ali
  5. Plants of The Quartz Ridges by J. A. Reid
  6. Paradise Tree Snake Versus Green Crested Lizard by Lim Boo Liat and Harun bin Peral
  7. A Note on Nests and Colony Founding in the Red Tree-ant, Oecophylla smaragdina (F) by H. T. Pagden
  8. Notes on Two Rare Birds by F. G. H. Allen



  1. A Yellow-vented Frolic by J. C. Bottoms
  2. Kindness to Editors by J. R. Audy
  3. Nature Reserves by J. Wyatt-Smith



Editor’s Notes

Report of The Twelfth Annual General Meeting

Branch Reports

List of Members

Volume 14 (2) January 1960

Editorial :

  1. The Nesting of The Grey-backed Shrike by F. G. H. Allen
  2. The Nesting of The Long-tailed Broadbill by F. G. H. Allen
  3. South China Sea Dolphins by Tom Harrisson
  4. A Large Scale Migration of Euploea modesta Buttler by D. M. Batchelor
  5. A Visit to Gunong Tahan by G. C. Madoc
  6. A Note on Turtles by K. L. Wells
  7. Descriptions of Crocodiles and Alligators by V. M. Hutson
  8. Hunting Crocodiles by V. M. Hutson



  1. Petrels in Malayan Waters by H. G. D. Lewin
  2. A Further Note on Dolphins by H. G. D. Lewin
  3. Coremata in Arctiidae by C. R. Pepper
  4. Protective Behaviour in Snakes by D. M. Batchelor
  5. Evolution of Flying Membranes by J. L. Harrison
  6. Syncopated Rhythm in Birds by J. A. Reid
  7. A Note on Bear Cats and Others by Tom Harrisson
  8. Rock Thrushes and Little Grebes in Perak by J. Cairns
  9. A Butterfly Migration by S. L. Low
  10. Colouration of Malayan Gibbons by S. W. C. Dunlop
  11. Tail Vibration in Some Malayan snakes by Eric R. Alfred
  12. A Little Known Snake by P. Maule-Ffinch


News from The Local Branches

Books Review: Soondar Mooni

Editor’s Notes

Volume 14 (3 & 4) July 1960


  1. The Giant Stick Insect- Eurycnema goliath (Grey) by H. J. Kitchener
  2. Wild Life Flash Photography- Part I by H. J. Kitchener
  3. The Ridge-backed Dolphin of The Indian Ocean by W. F. J. Morzer Bruyns
  4. Some Further Notes on The Wild Life of Asahan, Malacca by D. M. Batchelor
  5. Migrating Raptores by D. M. Batchelor
  6. Observations on Some Captive Snakes by Lim Boo Liat, J. P. J. Waters and Abdul Rahman bin Omar
  7. New Attitude to Nature Conservation by D. S. Johnson
  8. A Daily Migration of Chichaks (House Geckos) by J. A. Reid
  9. The Conservation of The Leathery Turtle, Dermocheles coriacea by J. Wyatt-Smith
  10. Two Remarkable Carpenter Bees by H. T. Pagden
  11. Report Concerning The 12th Conference on The International Council for Bird Preservation by H. Elliot McClure


  1. The Great Tit in Malaysia by F. G. H. Allen
  2. Wreathed Hornbills by F. G. H. Allen
  3. Elephant Calves- Their Feeding and care by H. J. Kitchener
  4. A Note on The Dog-faced fruit Bat by H. J. Kitchener
  5. Birdwaves by S. W. C. Dunlop
  6. What Do Wild Pig Eats? by J. L. Harrison
  7. Urination of Bats by J. L. Harrison
  8. Dusky Leaf Monkeys at Batu Caves by J. Wyatt-Smith
  9. Notes on The Butterfly-  Polyura schreiberi by Lee Poh Kow
  10. Dabchicks (Podiceps ruficollis capensis) by T. J. Philips
  11. Bee-eater’s Pellets by J. A. Reids
  12. A Tale of Two Snails by J. A. Reids
  13. Bird Banding by D. M. Batchelor
  14. Butterfly Migration by G. A. Watson
  15. Coremata in Arctiidae by R. Pepper


News from the Local Branches

Book Review:

  1. Malayan Jungle Adventures
  2. How Animals Move


List of Members

Income and Expenditure Account to 31st May, 1959