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MNJ 21st Anniversary Special Issue (1961)

Volume 15 (1 & 2) January 1961



Editorial :


  1. The Malayan Nature Society 1940-1961 by A.T. Edgar and E.O. Sheabbeare
  2. Some Thoughts from the Past by R.E. Holttum
  3. Recent Developments in International Conservation by H.J. Coolidge
  4. Preservation of Tropical Plants and Vegetation, an Essential to the Welfare of People,. An Outlook on the Future by C.G.G. J. van Steenis
  5. Conservation and Education by H.B. Gilliland
  6. Nature Conservation and Land Usage by G.A. Watson


  1. The Malayan Forest Department and Conservation by J. Wyatt-Smith
  2. Conservation in Plantation Agriculture by P.R. Wycherley
  3. River Control and Conservation in Malaya by M.E.D. Poore
  4. Some Conservation Problems of Malaya’s Hill Stations by B. Molesworth Allen
  5. Conservation in Penang by Gerald Hawkins
  6. Nature Protection in North Borneo by W. Meijer
  7. Ferns of Singapore by Anne Johnson
  8. Conservation and the Quartz Ridge by J.A. Reid
  9. Limestone Hills near Ipoh by B. Molesworth Allen
  10. Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur by H.E. McClure
  11. Cave Archaeology in Malaya by J.M. Matthews
  12. Fossils in Malaya: their Use to the Geologist and the Case for the Conservation of certain Fossil Localities by C.R. Jones
  13. Prehistoric Fauna Changes and Losses in Borneo by Tom Harrisson


  1. The Distribution of Elephant, Rhinoceros, Seladang and Tapir in King George V National Park, Malaya by J.A. Hislop
  2. Templer Park, Malaya by R.N. Hilion
  3. The Shwe U Daung, a Rhinoceros Sanctuary in Burma by O.B. Milton
  4. Udjung-Kulon Nature Park, Java by R. Koesnadi P. Satmoko
  5. Mount Kinabalu, North Borneo by E.J.H. Berwick
  6. Bako National Park, Sarawak by J.A.R. Anderson


  1. The Wise Use of Wild Lands. A message from Africa by E.B. Worthington
  2. Protection of Wild Life in the Federation of Malaya by J.A. Hislop
  3. Wild Life Conservation in North Borneo by P.F. Burgess
  4. Protection of Wild Life on Singapore Island by H.M. Burkill
  5. Bird Conservation, Malaya by F.G.H. Allen
  6. Bird Protection in Sarawak by B.E. Smythies
  7. The Birds’ Nest Caves at Gomantong, North Borneo by J.R.N. Burder
  8. Bird Ringing in Asia by H.E. McClure
  9. Rhinoceros in Malaya and their Future by G.T.C. Melcalfe
  10. The Conservation of the Malayan Elephant by E.C. Foenander
  11. The Bleak Future for the Seladang or Malayan Gaur by H.J. Kitchener
  12. The Importance of Protecting the Malayan Tiger by H.J. Kitchener
  13. The Value of Small Mammals by J.L. Harrison
  14. The Role of Snakes in the Balance of Nature by Lim Boo Liat
  15. Conservation Investigation on Malayan Turtles by J.R. Hendrickson
  16. Malayan Coral Reefs by R.E. Sharma
  17. Malayan Fish Fauna and its Future by M.W.F. Tweedie
  18. Freshwater Life in Malaya and its Conservation by D.S. Johnson
  19. Some Island Races of Butterflies and their Conservation by G.C. Stubbs
  20. Threats to the Small Colony of Butterflies by A. Bedford Russell

Historical Note on Malaya