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MNJ Volume 15 (1961)

Volume 15 (1 & 2) January 1961

Editorial :

  1. Singapore Fresh-water Fishes by Eric R. Alfred
  2. Wild Life Flash Photography- Part II by H. J. Kitchener
  3. New and Rare Malayan Butterflies by A. Bedford Russell
  4. Imitation Rhino Horns by Eric R. Alfred
  5. Collecting Malayan Acridoidea by M. Dirsh
  6. Further Notes on Breeding Birds of Fraser’s Hill by F. G. H. Allen
  7. Observations of The Habits in Captivity of Two Species of Wild Cats, The Leopard Cats and The Flat-headed Cat by Lim Boo Liat and Abdul Rahman bin Omar
  8. The Sambur Deer by H. J. Kitchener



  1. The Common Shoveller- Spatula clypiea by F. G. H. Allen
  2. Observations on a Woodpecker by Mrs. E. M. Taylor
  3. A Nest of The Spinetail Swift- Chaetura g. gigantea by  F. G. H. Allen
  4. The Solitary Wasp- Sceliphran violaceum (F) by D. M. Batchelor
  5. The Pheasant-tailed Jacana- Hydrophasianus chirurgus by T. J. Philips
  6. Hornbills by D. W. C. Dunlop
  7. Some Birds of The Coco-Keeling Islands by Eric R. Alfred
  8. Leeches and Amphibian Blood by D. M. Batchelor
  9. A Flying Lemur by E. N. Callender
  10. Wigeon, Jacanas and Dabchicks by T. J. Philips
  11. Argynnis Hyperbius (Linnaeus) by J. A. Naylor
  12. Migrating Birds Off Borneo by D. M. Batchelor
  13. The Brown Bullfinch (pyrrhula nipalensis waterstadti) by F. G. H. Allen
  14. Pteridium (Bracken) In the Malay Peninsula by R. E. Holttum
  15. A Further Note on The Dog-faced Fruit Bat by H. J. Kitchener
  16. Coremata in Arctiidae- A Further Note by B. Sriphati Rao


Editor’s Notes


Report of Extraordinary General Meeting

Rules of The Society

Report of The Thirteenth Annual General Meeting

Branch Reports

News from the Local Branches


Income and Expenditure Account to 31st Mat 1960

Volume 15 (3 & 4) October 1961


  1. A Note on The Atlas Moth- Attacus atlas by H. J. Kitchener
  2. Garden Birds in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya by H. Elliott McClure
  3. Plant Life on Mount Kinabalu by M. Jacobs
  4. Vultures by J. Cairns
  5. The Fairy Bluebird by J. Cairns
  6. Hairworms- A Zoological Curiosity by J. R. Pippet and C. H. Fernando
  7. Leeches and Their Ways by R. E. Sharma and C. H. Fernando
  8. An Instance of sudden Large-scale Mortality of Fish in a Natural Habitat In south Malaya by D. S. Johnson
  9. An Elephant Affair by H. M. Burkill
  10. The Fresh Water Boatman by C. Y. Leong



  1. A Flying Lizard by Jean F. palmer
  2. Were These birds White-eyes or Not? by Jean F. palmer
  3. Amendment- Two Remarkable Carpenter Bees by H. T. Pagden
  4. Rock Thrush Nesting in Perak by Tom Harrison
  5. Grey-rumped Tattler in Johore by E. R. G. Kidd
  6. The Slow Loris- An Enquiry by E. O. Shebbeare
  7. Butterfly Specimens Attacked by mould by W. E. Toft
  8. Marsh Sandpipers on Singapore Island by E. R. G. Kidd & Ann Talbot Smith
  9. Feeding Habits of Predators by C. E. Norris
  10. Insecurity of Bulbuls’ Nests by C. E. Cox
  11. Migrating Raptores by D. H. S. White
  12. A Collection of Snakes from Singapore by A. J. E. Harman
  13. Pokok Buah Raja Hairan- Entada Spiralis by A. S. M. Hawkins


Schools’ Essay Competition- Results

“The Posters”

Editor’s Notes


Nature Conservation in Western Malaysia, 1961

Report of The Fourteenth Annual General Meeting

Branch Reports

News from The Local Branches

List of New Members, 1960-61