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MNJ Volume 16 (1962)

Volume 16 (1 & 2) April 1962

Editorial :

  1. The Orangutan, Pongo pygmaeus Introduction
  2. The Immediate Problem of The Orangutan by B. Harrisson
  3. The Threat of rare Animals in Borneo by T. Harrisson
  4. Six Orang Stories by Guan anek Sureng
  5. A Study of The Orangutan Behavior in Semi-Wild State by B. Harrisson
  6. Observations on Captive Proboscis Monkeys by G. H. Puornelle
  7. A Brief Summary of The Geology of Malaya by J. B. Alexander
  8. The Krau Reserve and The Che Wong by O. Milton
  9. Anisops The Backswimmer by C. Y. Leong
  10. Fish Worms by J. Furtado
  11. A Glimpse of The Sedimentary Structures of Singapore by J. H. Leow
  12. What Is It? Earth Towers at Frazer’s Hill by J. A. Reid
  13. The Programme for Conservation of the Giant Leathery Turtle, 1961 by J. R. Hendrickson



  1. What can I Expect to See? by H. E. McClure
  2. Monkeys at Waterfall Gardens, Penang by K. C. Cheang
  3. Rhino Horns Cups by T. Harrisson
  4. Erites medura de Niceville, A Species New to Malaya by A. Bedford Russell
  5. The Fairy Bluebird by F. G. H. Allen
  6. Reply to Mr. Allen’s Letter on The Fairy Bluebird by J. Cairns
  7. The Grey-Rumped Tattler and other Waders by F. G. H. Allen
  8. Reply to Mr. Allen’s Letter on Waders by J. Cairns
  9. The National Zoo of Malaya by V. Hutson
  10. The Atlas Moth by Ahmad Yunus
  11. Mammals of Borneo by T. Harrisson and Medway
  12. Mammals of The Lowland Rain-Forest of North Borneo by E. R. Alfred


Local Branches of the Society

News form the Local Branches

Review: How to run a Simple Aquarium

Editor’s Notes


Volume 16 (3) September 1962


  1. More about Stenogaster by H. T. Pagden
  2. A Visit to the Tasek Bera by Francis Merton
  3. On the Widespread Occurrence of a Sand-binding Moss on the East Coast of Malaya by Anne Johnson
  4. Working Group on Conservation in South-East Asia by J. Wyatt-Smith
  5. Leaf Monkeys at Frazer’s Hill by Tom Harrisson
  6. Water Fleas by D. S. Johnson
  7. Tenth Pacific Science Congress



  1. Definitive issue of Singapore Postage Stamps by  E. R. Alfred
  2. Pelicans by R. E. Gee
  3. Cat Snake kills Fruit Bat by T. Harrisson
  4. Sighting of a Hen Harrier near Sungei Buloh by H. M. Collier
  5. Animal Anomalies by Oliver Milton

Volume 16 (4) December 1962


  1. Climbing Mountains in Malaya by Three of the Fitter Hash House Harriers
  2. Getting to know Tarsius by Barbara Harrisson
  3. The Malayan Mole by The Earl of Cranbook and Lord Medway

Report of the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting

Report of the Selangor Branch- 1961-62

Report of the Singapore Branch- 1961- 62

Chairman’s Report

The Years Activities



  1. Earth Towers in Sumatra and Borneo by C. G. G. J. van Steenis
  2. Fairy Bluebirds and Greybacked Shrikes by F. G. H. Allen
  3. The Che Wong in Modern Malaya by Iskander Yusof Carey
  4. Release of Silvered Leaf Monkeys at Templer Park by D. E. Eyles & Mcwilson Warren
  5. Collared Scops Owls by N. S. Maccoll
  6. Note on Insect Photography by K. F. Yap
  7. Whale Sharks in the South China Sea by Tom Harrisson
  8. Sharks, Rays and Sawfishes in Malayan Fresh Waters by E. R. Alfred
  9. The Brown Booby in Borneo by E. R. Alfred


Editorial Note

Balance Sheet