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MNJ Volume 17 (1963)

Volume 17 (1&2) April 1963


  1. English vernacular names of the birds of the Malaysian sub-region by H. E. McClure
  2. Bird report: 1962 by Lord Medway and D. R. Wells
  3. Some bird “rarities” by H. E. McClure
  4. Is this one of the rarest birds in the world? by H. E. McClure
  5. Northern visitors to Malaya by H. E. McClure

Ferns of the quartz ridges by B. M. Allen

Conservation news
Report on international meetings by H. E. McClure


  1. Notes on the cave faunas of two limestone massifs in the Taman Negara by J. A. Bullock
  2. Letter from an old-timer by F. C. Hadden


  1. Interesting coastal exposures east of Kuah, Pulau Langkawi by C. S. Hutchison
  2. Spheroidal weathering in Pulau Langgon, Langkawi by J. H. Leow


  1. The winged stick-insect, Eurycnema versifasciata Serv. (Phasmida, Phasmatidae) with special reference to its life history by M. Nadchatram
  2. Figs and fig-insects: notes on collecting fig-insects
  3. Early stages of a pentatomid bug by K. F. Yap
  4. Request for Malayan bumblebees from Borev Tkalco
  5. A key to the Malayan species of Arhopala Boisduval by J. N. Eliot
  6. Migrating butterflies by G. A. Watson

Invertebrates other than insects

  1. An introduction to the non-marine molluscs of Malaya by A. J. Berry
  2. Two field collections of Malayan ticks and mites by R. Domrow and M. Nadchatram
  3. A preliminary illustrated account of mangrove molluscs from Singapore and South-west Malaya by C. F. Lim


  1. Pig’s nests by Lord Medway
  2. Serow in Ulu Gombak by D. E. Eyles
  3. Recent records for the tapir in Templer Park by F. L. Dunn and J.R.Adams
  4. Slow lorises and luminosity by F. L. Dunn
  5. Trying to breed Tarsius by B. Harrisson
  6. A wounded tapir by H. E. McClure
  7. Tapir near Kuala Lumpur by J. Miller
  8. A bullock enjoys a bathe by R. Pepper

Past issues of the journal


  • Appointment of Vice-presidents
    Report of the Sixteenth Annual General Meeting President’s report
    Other reports
    Branch reports: Selangor, Singapore & Pahang
  • Report of the M.A.H.A. Exhibition 1963
  • Balance sheet


  • A review: The apes and monkeys of Malaya (including the Slow Loris) by J. L. Harrison by Lord Medway
  • Pocket checklist of birds

Amended Rules of the Society

Volume 17 (3) September 1963

  1. Bird Report: 1962 Edited by Lord Medway and D. R. Wells
  2. Two Field Collections of Malayan Ticks and Mites by R. Damrow and M. Nadchatram
  3. Interesting Coastal Exposures East of Kuah, Pulau Langkawi by Charles S. Hutchison
  4. Spheroidal Weathering in Pulau Langgon, Langkawi by J. H. Leow
  5. Some Bird Rarities by H. Elliott McClure



  • Request for Malayan Bumblebees from Borey Tkalco
  • Letter from an old Timber by Fred Hadden

Volume 17 (4) December 1963

  1. Is this one of the rarest birds in the World? by H. Elliott McClure
  2. A key to the Malayan Species of Arhopala Boisduval, 1832 by J. N. Eliot
  3. Trying to Breed Tarsius by Barbara Harrisson
  4. Northern Visitors to Malaya by H. Elliott McClure
  5. A preliminary illustrated account of Mangrove molluscs from Singapore and South-West Malaya by C. F. Lim

Report of the Sixteenth Annual General Meeting
Report of the Branches : Selangor, Singapore & Pahang
Report of the M. A. H. A. Exhibition 1963



  1. Migrating Butterflies by G. A. Watson
  2. A wounded Tapir by H. Elliott McClure
  3. Tapir near Kuala Lumpur by James Miller
  4. A bullock enjoys a bathe by Rosemary Pepper