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MNJ Volume 18 (1964)

Volume 18 (1) April 1964

Editorial :

  1. A message from the President
  2. Jelatang and Pulutus; Stinging trees of Malaya by Betty Molesworth Allen
  3. The Ear Mite of Squirrels by R. Domrow
  4. Borneo Localities referred to in the above Article by Tom Harrisson
  5. The Bird eating Spider by Lim Boo Liat
  6. The Pacific Black Marlin in Malayan Waters by Frederick L. Dunn
  7. A Note on the Arthropod Fauna of Pulau Jarak, Straits of Malacca by J. A. Bullock
  8. Camerons to Korbu, or Blue Valley to Tanjong Rambutan by Kaki Ayam
  9. Know your Barbets by Elliott McClure
  10. Notes on Some Flowering Plants of Pulau Aur by Nyven J. Marchette



  1. The Orang-utan and Rhinoceros in Northern Java
  2. Conservation Programme of the Giant Leathery Turtles
  3. Batu Caves Massif



  1. Migration of Catopsilia Pomona over Singapore by Loke Wan Tho
  2. A Question of nomenclature by D. S. Johnson
  3. Vernacular Names of Malaysian Mammals by J. L. Harrison & S. K. Quah
  4. Dr. Quack’s tea Leaves by K. M. Kochummen
  5. Heteropteryx dilatate (Parkinson) by Nadchatram & Nyven J. Marchette
  6. Notes on Capella Stenura by Lim Peng Choo

Volume 18 (2&3) August 1964


  1. Obituary. Late Dato Loke Wan Tho; Vice-President
  2. The Natural History of the Shore fauna of North Penang by A. J. Berry
  3. The Marmoset Rat Hapalomys longicaudatus by Lord Medway
  4. Pesticide chemicals- help or hindrance in Malaysian Agriculture by C. R. Conway & B. J. Wood
  5. Colonisation of mined land by three Malayan Mrytaceae by B. A. Mitchell
  6. Respiration and Feeding of a burrowing crab, Lyreidus tridentatus by Kok Moh Leng
  7. Bird Report 1963



  1. Note on Gnetum cuspidatum by Betty Molesworth Allen by Betty Molesworth Allen
  2. Papilio memnon: A request for living material for investigation into the Polymorphism of this species by C. A. Clarke
  3. Monkey with a deformed tail by Lee Chin Thuan
  4. Black Eagles rather than Changeable Hawk Eagles by M. Nadchatram
  5. Snail Shells: A request

Review: Cacti and other Succulents by P. R. Wycherley

A Note on the Guide to the Fauna of the Malaysian Region

Volume 18 (4) December 1964


  1. The Kota Belud Bird Sanctuary, sabah by P. F. Burgess
  2. Notes on the Elephant’s Trunk Snake and Puff-faced Water Snake by Lim Boo Liat
  3. A Not on Batagur baska (The River Terrapin or Tuntong) by Mohd Khan bin Momin Khan
  4. An Annoted Bilbiography of Articles on the Invertevrates in Malayan Nature Journals by J. A & M. E. Bullock
  5. Stem Pitchers in Nephentes ampullaria by  T. L. & sally Green



  1. The Cobras of Batu Kawan, Province Wellesley by J. E. Duckett
  2. The Pacific Black Marlin by Yong Hoi Sen
  3. A Question of Nomenclature by C. G. G. J. van Steenis
  4. Bird Recording in Malaysian Borneo by T. Harrisson
  5. Unusual Migratory Status of the Oriental Dotterel (Charadius asiaticus) in East  Malaysia by T. Harrisson
  6. Malayan Natural History in 1830s by Judy Poore


  1. Back Numbers
  2. Editors’ Notes
  3. Malacological Society of Malaysia
  4. Notes from the President



  1. International Council for Bird Protection (Asian Section):
  2. Report of 2nd. Meeting (1964)
  3. Report of Seventeenth Annual general Meeting



An Introduction to the Natural History of Singapore Island by G. A. Watson