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MNJ Volume 19 (1965 – 1966)

Volume 19 (1) May 1965

Editorial :

  1. Malaysian Caves: Introduction by J. A. Bullock
  2. The Formation of Limestone Caves in Malaya by D. J. Gobbett
  3. Caves of Sarawak and Sabah compiled from The Geology of Sarawak and Sabah caves by G. E. Wilford
  4. The Limestone Caves and Cave Deposits of Perlis and North Kedah by C. R. Jones
  5. Further Cave Exploration and Archaeology in East Malaysia by Tom Harrisson
  6. Early Mahayana Buddhist Shrines in Malayan Limestone by Alastair Lamb
  7. The Prehistoric Archaeology of Malayan Caves and list of Archaeological sites by A. V. Peacock
  8. The Ecology of Malaysian Caves (and a note on the faunistic list from Batu Caves) by J. A. Bullock
  9. Microcosms of Batu Caves and a List of Species collected at Batu Caves by H. E. McClure
  10. Gua Anak Takun: Ecological Observations by F. L. Dunn
  11. Identification of Malaysian Cave Bats by Lord Medway

Volume 19 (2&3) September 1965


  1. Patron: Malayan Nature Society, Dato (Dr.) Abdul Aziz bin Haji Abdul Majid, P.M.N, D.P.M.K., P.J.K., C.B.E.
  2. Malayan Pond Skaters by Lanna Cheng
  3. The Genus Conus in West Malaysia by C. F. Lim
  4. Notes on the Flora of Gunong Jerai (Kedah Perak) by N. J. Marchette
  5. Problems with the Elephant, and where it is in danger in the State of Perak by Mohd. Khan bin Momin Khan
  6. Notes on Ferns- and Birds by Betty Molesworth Allen
  7. The Giant Leathery Turtle Conservation Programme- 1964 by E. Balasingam
  8. The Lesser Gymnure, Hylomys suillus by  D. Dwight Davis
  9. Wallace’s Flying Frog by D. Dwight Davis
  10. Bird Report-1964 by Compiled by Lord Medway & I. C. T. Nisbet


Obituary: Mr. E. O. Shebbeare- President, Malayan Nature Society, 1940-48



  1. A Raid on a Stenogaster Nest by a Hornet, Vespa tropica by  P. Ward
  2. A Partial Albino Plantain Squirrel by  Tan Kong Beng
  3. A Migration of Catopsilia Pomona (Lep.-Pieridae) in Malaya during June 1963 by J. C. S. Marsh
  4. Comments on Articles in Volume 18 by D. S. Johnson



  1. Malayan Society of Experimental Biology
  2. Editor’s Notes
  3. Reprinting of Volume 11 (1&2)
  4. New Special Issue
  5. Malaysia and Singapore

Volume 19 (4) December 1965


  1. The Value of the Mount Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, to plant ecology by Ho Coy-Choke & M.E.D. Poore
  2. Pandanus Stickm. in the Malayan Peninsula, Singapore and Lower Thailand by B.C. Stone
  3. The Life history of Psoquilla marginepunctata, a dimorphic psocopteran by S.S. Lee
  4. Game Statistics for Malaya by Lord Medway
  5. Conservation of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Malaya by  E. Balasingam



  1. A Rare Parasitic plant by J. A. Reid
  2. Raids by Vespa tropica by  H. T. Pagden
  3. Rhinoceros on Gunong Jerai by H. T. Pagden



An Introduction to the Study of Tropical Plankton by John H. Wickstead & D. S. Johnson



  1. The Conference on Conservation of Nature, etc. 1965
  2. The International Biological Programme
  3. Report of the Eighteenth Annual General Meeting

Volume 19 (5) August 1966


  1. The Natural History of the Shore Flora and Fauna off Tanjung Teritip, Singapore by S. K. Lee
  2. Edible Crustaceans by D. S. Johnson
  3. A Curious Marine Insects, Hermatobates by L. Cheng
  4. Marine Fouling: Some Malayan cases by A. J. Berry
  5. Pandanus Stickm. in the Malayan Peninsula, Singapore and Lower Thailand Part 2 by B.C. Stone
  6. Interesting Jungle Plants 1. Tupistra grandis iRidl. (Liliaceae) by B. M. Allen
  7. Death on the Highway by H. E. McClure



Piper aduncum L. in Malaya by B. M. Allen


  1. An Introduction to Mammals of Singapore and Malaya by John Harrison
  2. Pests of Hevea Plantations in Malaya by B. Sripathi Rao
  3. Bankers