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MNJ Volume 20 (1967)

Volume 20 (1&2) March 1967

  1. Ecology of the rhinoceros in Malaya by D. L. Strickland
  2. Movements of a herd of elephants in the Upper Perak area by Mohd Khan bin Monim Khan
  3. Population trends of deer in Perak as seen from licensee report by Mohd Khan bin Monim Khan
  4. Note on the five largest species of Sesarma crabs in Malaysia and Singapore by R. Serene and C. L. Soh
  5. The life-history and behaviour of some Malayan stalk-eyed flies (Diptera-Diopsidea) by K. B. Tan
  6. The age of the Kinabalu flora by C. G. G. J. van Steenis
  7. The cowries of Malaysia/Singapore: a disributional study by D. C. Riveet-Carnac
  8. Bird Report: 1965 compiled by Lord Medway and I.C.T Nisbet
  9. Rihana bimaculata the ‘rain’ maker by Y. K. Wong and K. B. Tan


Letter to the Editor:

  1. A sighting of seladang and tapir at the National Park by H. M.Burkill
  2. Piper aduncum in Malaya by T.C. Whitmore
  3. Stephanotis maingayi fil. (Asclepiadaceae) by E. A. Heaslett
  4. The shore flora and fauna off Tanjong Teritip – Addendum by S. K. Lee


Book Review: The Malayan Scientist Vol I and II by A. Johnson

Journal notices.

Volume 20 (3) June 1967

  1. Studies in Macarang, an easy genus of Malayan wayside trees by T. C. Whitmore
  2. The mammalian taxonomy of the Sen’oi Semai by R. K. Dentan
  3. A bat-eating bat, Megaderma lyra Geoffroy by Lord Medway
  4. Notes on some babblers found near Kuala Lumpur by L. D. Teesdale
  5. Snake collected in Gunong Brincahng, Cameron Highland, Pahang by Lim Boo Liat
  6. A partial albino Long-tailed giant rat by Yong Hoi Sen
  7. Notes on the ferns of Gunung Jerai by F. L. Dunn
  8. Turtle conservation: Result of 1965 hatchery programme by E. Balasingam
  9. Malayan Soviety for Experimental Biology: Proceeding of fifth and Sixth Scientific Meetings