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MNJ Volume 21 (1968)

Volume 21 (1) January 1968

Editor note.

  1. Pandanus In the Malayan Peninsula, Singapore and Lower Thailand, Part 3 by Benjamin C. Stone
  2. Noted on Semai Ethnoentomology by Robert K. Dentan
  3. Interesting Jungle Plant, 2 by Betty Molesworth Allen
  4. Bird Report: 1966 compiled by Lord Medway and I.C.T. Nisbet
  5. Identification of Bat Mandibles from Malaysian Caves by the Earl of Cranbrook.


Letters to the Editor:

  1. A further note on Piper aduncum by John Carrick
  2. An Inshore Marine Discontinuity by J. B. Lowry
  3. Need for a Schedule on “Biological Studies of Producer Organisms in the Malaysian Region”. Flowering Plant Series by Antony Santiago
  4. A note on the Slow Loris and its Taxonomy by A. Krishnamurti


Report of the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting 1966

Volume 21 (2) February 1968

  1. Nesting Habits and other Notes on an Indo-Malayan Halictine Bee, Lasioglassum albescene, with description of L. a. iwatai ssp. nov. (Hymenoptera, Halixtidae) by Shoichi F. Sakagami
  2. Two Malayan Botanical Contacts with Siam by John Carrick
  3. Three bat portraits by Lord Medway
  4. A general Pandanus Stckm. In the Malayan Peninsula, Singapore and Lower Thailand (Part 4) by Benjamin C. Stone
  5. The Singapore “Deeps” by R. D. Hill


Letters to the Editor

An Additional Note on some Ferns of Gunong Jerai by F.L. Dunn

Volume 21 (3) May 1968

  1. Pollution in Malayan waters by G. A. Prowse
  2. Deer biological data, 1967 by Mohd. Khan b. Momin Khan
  3. Observation on Keeping some Malaysian bats in captivity by Adrian G. Marshall and Lim Boo Liat
  4. The breeding biology of the bat-fly Eucampsipoda sundaicum Theodor, 1955 (Diptera: Nycteribidea) by Leong Ming Ching and Adrian G. Marshall
  5. Death by Garfish by Eric R. Alfred


Book review: Figs (Ficus spp.) of Hong Kong by Dennis S. Hill

Supplement: Conference on Zoological Research in Malaysia and Singapore.

Volume 21 (4) August 1968

  1. Bird Report, 1957 by Lord Medway, I. C. T. Nisbet and D. R. Wells
  2. Mimicry and Papilio Memnon: Some breeding result from England by C. A. Clarke, F. M. M. Clarke and P. M. Sheppard
  3. The Large freshwater prawn of Pulau Tioman by D. D. Johnson
  4. Water pollution in Malaysia and Singapore: Some comments by D. S. Johnson
  5. A gastropod and its spawn by A. J. Berry



  1. The Blue-throated Bee-eater
  2. The Malay Name “Putat”
  3. The Saddle-backed Tortoise: Extinct in Malaya?
  4. Leopard seen near Kuala Lumpur