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MNJ Volume 22 (1969 – 1969)

Volume 22 (1) December 1968

  1. Tugas yang besar Persatuan Pencinta Alam by Tan Sri Haji (Dr) Abdul Aziz bin Haji Abdul Azizbin Haji Abdul Majid
  2. Habitat requirements of Malayan mammals by W. E. Stevens
  3. The rare large mammals in a coconut-mangrove habitat in Selangor by H. Elliott McClure and Husain bin Haji Osman
  4. Further exploration and onsevation on Mount Kinabalu East by J. M. B. Smith and J. B. Lowry


Nesting of the Rufous-backed shrike Lanius schanch at Ampang Selangor by S. G. Madge



  1. Pollution in Malayan waters by P. R. Wycherley
  2. Report of the 20th Annual General Meeting (1966-67)
  3. Report of Office Bearers 1966-67

Malayan Nature Society Accounts

Volume 22 (2) March 1969

  1. Rats from Kedah Peak (Gunong Jerai), Kedah by Yong Hoi Sen
  2. Studies on the biology of the edible-nest swiftlets of South-east Asia by Lord Medway
  3. A preliminary study of the Water monitor lizard Varanus salvator by Mohamed Khan bin Momin Khan
  4. Conservation Malayan fresh-water fishes by Eric R. Alfred
  5. Distribution of two varieties of Leptospermum recurvum F. on Mount Kinabalu by J. B. Lowry
  6. Notes on some Malayan ferns (Adiantum) by Betty Molesworth Allen


Lysimachia peduncularis on Pulau Langkawi by Husan Keng and P. N. Avadhani


Letter to the Editors

The ‘Changi Tree’ by George T. Crouch


Malayan Nature Society Essay Competition

  1. Note from the Organiser by F. C. Vohra
  2. Conservation and importance of Malaysian forest by Mariam @ Rahimah Hj. Muktar
  3. Hutan rimba Malaysia (Malaysian forest) by Mahmud bin Bakar

Volume 22 (3&4) September 1969

  1. The altitudinal sequence of forest and soils on granite near Kuala Lumpur by T. C. Whitmore and C. P. Burnham
  2. Ecological factors in hill and mountain forest of the States of Malaya by P. F. Burgess
  3. Water balance in the tropical rain forest: a preliminary study in the Ulu Gombak Forest Reserve by J. B. Kenworthy
  4. The litter layer by J. A. Bullock and Khoo bin Khong
  5. Palms in the Malayan forest by John Dransfield
  6. A forest quadrat in the National Park: the flora other than trees by Anne Johnson
  7. A quadrat in the Ulu Gombak Jungle Reserve by A. M. Wiede-mann
  8. Gunong Mandi Angin, Terengganu: a botanical visit by Peter F. Cockburn
  9. Colour changes in the forest : 1968-69 by P. F. Burgess
  10. The abundance and population density of mammals in Malayan lowland forest by J. L. Harrison
  11. Estimations of birds population densiy in primary forest of Malaya by H. Elliott McClure
  12. The diural activity cycle among forest birds at Ulu Gombak by Lord Medway
  13. Forest and productivity by Paul Wycherley
  14. Productivity of the rain-forest ecosystem by John A. Bullock



‘Biter Bit’ by Pual Wycherley

Rules of the Malayan Nature Society