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MNJ Volume 23 (1969 – 1970)

Volume 23 (1) December 1969

Editorial :

  1. Notes on breeding of the Bushy-crested Hornbill Anorrhinus galeritus by S. G. Madge
  2. Population and distribution studies of Perak elephants by Mohamed Khan bin Momin Khan
  3. Butterfly collecting on Pulau Langkawi by P. H. J. Wilcocks
  4. Factor affecting distribution of fauna in Gua Pondok by M. Ellin Doyle
  5. Conservation of the Perak River terrapins (Batagur baska) by E. Balasingam and Mohammed Khan Monin Khan


  1. Bunga Padma – Brugmansia lowii  by Richard Toleman
  2. Additions to the Malayan flora. I. by Benjamin C. Stone



  1. Parasitic ‘earwigs’ (Arixenia esau) on the Wrinkled-lipped bat by Lord Medway and Yong Ghong Chong
  2. Changi Tree by H. M. Burkill


Book Review

  1. The Wild mammals of the Malaya and offshore island including Singapore Reviewed by Yong Hoi Sen
  2. Report of 21st Annual General Meeting 1967-68
  3. Malayan Nature Society Accounts 1967-68

Volume 23 (2&3) March 1970


  1. Polluted Malaysia
  2. Bird Report 1968 compiled by Lord Medway and D. R. Wells
  3. Measurements of river erosion in West Malaysia by Ian Douglas
  4. Malayan climbing pandans – the genus Freycinetia in Malaya by Benjamin C. Stone
  5. The dendrodorid and doridid nudibranchs of Singapore by C. F. Lim and L. M. Chou
  6. The dorid Glassodoris semperi (Bergh) recorded from Singapore waters by C. F. Lim and L. M. Chou



  1. An appeal to members of the Society by Robert K. Dentan
  2. Haloragis chinensis on Singapore Island by Hsuan Keng
  3. Nest of Long-billed Spider Hunter Arachnothera robusta by S. G. Madge



  1. Blind Snake – Tyhlops porrectus by H. T. Pagden
  2. Changi Tree by F. Cessford
  3. Fiftheenth Anniversary Report by R. E Sharma


Book Reviews

  1. Order and families of Malayan seed plants reviewed by E. Soepadmo
  2. Pests of oil palms in Malaysia and their control reviewed by J. A. Bullock

Volume 23 (4) June 1970


  1. The nudibranchs of Singapore, excluding the families Dendrodoridae and Dorididae by C. F. lim and L.M. Chou 
  2. Fruits and seeds of the frangipani (Plumeria) by Benjamin C. Stone 
  3. Nest records of the Yellow-vented Bulbul and Magpie Robin by
    Foo Juat Chin and Lord Medway
  4. Gunong Chabang Tiga: A note on a small area of Montane
    Ericaceous Forest in Johore by £.A. Heaslet!
  5. A yellow Bowers’ rat by Yong Hoi Sen and S.S. Dhaliwal
    Some observations on marine life at Pulau Aur, Johore by Daphne
    Fautin Dunn
  6. Reproduction of the cave-roach Pycnoscelus striatus by Tan Keng Hong 



  1. Barn owl pellets from Kulai, Johore by Lord Medway and Yong
    Ghong Chong
  2. A note on the hatching of a clutch of Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus) eggs by K.J. Sims 


Letters to the Editor

  1. The Golden Chicken Plant by J.B. Lowry
  2. The Great Falls on the Sungei Selai by £.A. Heaslet
  3. Euthalia mahadeva complex by W.A. Fleming
  4. Suastus minuta aditia by W.A. Fleming
  5. Dugong in Johore Strait by C.C. Bland
  6. More about the Changi Tree by J.A. Reid and W.T. Quaife



Report on the 4th meeting of the International Council for Bird

Preservation (Asian Continental Section) by Lord Jvledway