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MNJ Volume 24 (1970 – 1971)

Volume 24 (1) December 1970

Editorial :

  1. Malaysia must act to save the Sumatran Rhino
  2. Distribution and Population of Siamang and Gibbons in the State of Perak by Mohamed Khan bin Momin Khan
  3. Technique of Collecting Adult Ticks in Malaysian Rain-forests by B.L. Lim et al. 
  4. The Ecology of Myrmeleon celebensis McLachlan (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) by Kiew Bong Heang 
  5. Herbaceous Plant Communities in the Summit Zone of Mount Kinabalu by J.M.B. Smith
  6. A Philatelist Looks at Conservation by W.G. Smith 


Letters to the Editors:

  1. Fruits and Seeds of Frangipani by G.A. Prowse
  2. Fruits and Seeds of Frangipani by Tan Kiap Seng 


  1. Judges’ report on Poster Competition
  2. Report of the 22nd Annual General Meeting (1968/69)

Volume 24 (2) May 1971


  1. Biological Field Research
  2. School Section
  3. A Plea for Contribution from the Members
  4. Notes on the Orang-utan Rehabilitation Project in Sabah by G.S. de Silva
  5. The Malayan Siamang by David Chivers
  6. Rat from Pulau Tenggol, Trengganu by Yong Hoi Sen



  1. Two female butterflies not previously recorded as having been captured by W.A. Fleming
  2. Additions to the Malayan Flora II by B.C. Stone
  3. Fauna of Gua Anak Takun by J.A. Bullock


Letters to the Editor :

  1. Papilio memnon by C.A. Clarke
  2. Swallow-tail aberration by Michael Yeh Kheng Peng
  3. Fruiting Frangipani by J. Dransfield


School Section:

  1. Ecological Study on a Fresh Water Stream by Members of the Malayan Nature Society, Sultan Abdul Hamid College, Ator Star
  2. Ecological Survey of the coastal Habitat of Pasir Bogak, Pulau Pangkur by Tan Choon Lai et alia

Volume 24 (3&4) August 1971


  1. Introduction
  2. What to do and where to go in Taman Negara by E. Pelinck
  3. Plants and vegetation along the paths from Kuala Tahan to Gunong Tahan by E. Soepadmo 
  4. The distribution of large animals in Taman Negara by Mohammed Khan bin Momin Khan
  5. The last refuge by L. Weigum


Templer Park

A brief account of the natural history of Taman Rimba Templer by M. Nadchatram


Bako National Park

  1. The plants and vegetation of Bako National Park by P.S. Ashton
  2. Animals in Bako National Park by G. Rothschild
  3. Geology of Bako National Park by G.E. Wilford


Kinabalu National Park

  1. Geology and topography of Kinabalu National Park by D. V Jenkins
  2. Animal life of Kinabalu National Park by D. V. Jenkins
  3. Plant life in Kinabalu National Park by W. Meijer
  4. The first ascent of Mt. Kinabalu by D. V. Jenkins


The Grounds for Conservation

  1. Introduction
  2. The status of Taman Negara/Kedudokan Taman Negara
  3. The need for the conservation of Taman Negara
  4. A plea for the inviolacy of Taman Negara by H.M. Burkill
  5. National Parks, Pests and Possibilities by J.A. Bullock
  6. Importance of Taman Negara in the conservation of mammals
    by Lord Medway
  7. The importance of Taman Negara as a gene pool of major cultivated plants by Ho Coy-Choke
  8. Wild fruit trees and some trees of pharmacological potential in the rain forest of Ulu Kelantan by T.C. Whitmore
  9. Conserving the forest, a phytochemical view by J.B. Lowry
  10. Effect of logging on hill dipterocarp forest by P.F. Burgess
  11. Diversity and density of birds and mammals at Kuala Lompat, Pahang by Lord Medway & D.R. Wells
  12. Survival of the Malaysian bird fauna by D.R. Wells


Information for visitors to the National Parks

  • Taman Negara
  • Templer Park
  • Bako National Park
  • Kinabalu National Park