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MNJ Volume 25 (1972-1973)

Volume 25 (1) April 1972

Editorial :

Obituary- Dato Sir Mahmud bin Mat, Dato Setia Wangsa of Pahang, K.B.E. by P.R. Wycherley


Article :

  1. Preliminary Observation on Nesting Returns of the Leathery Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea Linn.) in Central Trengganu by E. Balasingam & Tho Yow Pong
  2. Observations on the Biology of the Termite Dicuspidetermes nemorosus (Haviland) by Tho Yow Pong
  3. More Notes on Butterfly Collecting on Langkawi Island by D. Pasteur
  4. Ridley and Batu Caves by Paul R. Wycherley



  • Charaxes harmodius a Rare Species of Butterfly in Malaya by Michael K.P. Yeh 
  • A Rare Species of Chilasa from the Highlands of Malaya by D. Pasteur
  • Durio malaccensis Planch. with pink-tinged Flowers by E.A. Heaslett
  • An Unusual Papaya from Kampong Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur by N. Prakash


Letters to the Editor

  • Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing in Trengganu by T.C. Whitmore
  • A Leathery Turtle Caught in Cornish Water by G.A. Watson



  • Bird Report 1969 compiled by D.R. Wells
  • Report on the Results of Essay Competition on Flood, Causes and Prevention by F.C. Vohra & V.M. Pa/aniappan
  • Report of the 23rd. Annual General Meeting 1969-70.


School Section

  • Flood, Causes and Prevention by Yap Chee Keng
  • Banjir, Sebab dan Penchegahan by Faizah bt. Zainuddin

Volume 25 (2) September 1972



  • Some Common Large Fungi in Malaysia and Singapore by G. Lim
  • Natural History of the Kinabalu Buttercup by J.M.B. Smith
  • Cycad Seeds as Food in Malaya by Hsuan Keng



Interception Loss in the Humid Forested Areas (with special re­ference to Sungai Lui Catchment, W. Malaysia) by Low Kwai Sim



  • A Brief Report on Copulatory and Perinatal Behaviour of the Lesser Malayan Mouse Deer (Tragulus javanicus) by Francis C. Cadigan, Jr.
  • Notes on the Babblers of South Johore by Jan Teesdale
  • Frogs of Tasek Bera by Kiew Bong Heang
  • The Natural History of West Malaysian Mangrove Faunas by A.J. Berry



  • New Record of Butterflies from Perak by Michael K.P. Yeh
  • Additions to the Malayan Flora, III by Benjamin C. Stone
  • Fruits, Seeds and Seedlings of Frangipani (Plumeria) by M. Ratnasabapathy
  • The Status of Hume’s Tree Babblers in the Malay Peninsula by Jan Teesdale
  • Trogonoptera Brookiana Albescens Rothschild 1895 – a new variety of butterfly by H.S. Barlow


Letters to the Editor

  • Catapaecilma subochrea evansi by W.A. Fleming
  • Nest of the Giant Swiftlet by F.G.H. Allen
  • Thecla absolon (Pendlebury) by Michael K.P. Yeh


Book Reviews

  • A guide to Batu Caves
  • FLENLEY, J.R. (Editor). The Water Relations of Malesian Forests by T.C. Whitmore
  • Revised Flora of Malaya, III. Grasses. by E. Soepadmo
  • WHITMORE, T.C. (Editor). Tree Flora of Malaya by E. Soepadmo

Volume 25 (3&4) September 1973


Introduction by E. Soepadmo


  • Invertebrate Animals (other than insects) by A.I. Berry
  • Terrestrial Arthropods by J.A. Bullock
  • Lepidoptera by H. Barlow



  • Amphibians, Reptiles and Fishes by P.Y. Berry
  • Birds in the Malayan Nature Journal; an Annotated Bibliography for .the Years 1940-1972 by D.R. Wells
  • Mammals of Malaysia: An Annotated Bibliography of vol. 1-24 of the Malayan Nature Journal by Francis C. Cadigan, Jr.


Malayan Botany and the Malayan Nature Journal Vols. 1-24 and A Short Note on Amorphophallus cf. prainii Hook f. by E. Soepadmo


Cave Biology in Malaysia by I.A. Bullock



Conservation and the Malayan Nature Journal by Mohd. Khan b. Momin Khan & I.A. Bullock



Geology and the Malayan Nature Society by Peter H. Stauffer