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MNJ Volume 26 (1973)

Volume 26 (1&2) April 1973

Editorial :

  1. Appeal for conservation of nonhuman primates
  2. Protection of Wild Life Act by Yong Hoi Sen
  3. Breeding pattern, food habits and parasitic infestation of bats in
  4. Gunong Brinchang by Lim Boo Liat
  5. Some observations on the development of the common toad (Bufo melanostictus) under laboratory conditions by K.H. Sit and R. Kanagasuntheram
  6. Bryde’s whale in Malaysian seas by A.J. Berry, D.R. Wells and C.K. Ng
  7. The significance of sump-ponds in harvesting paddy-field fishes in North Krian, Perak by Tan Soon Peng
  8. Bait preference by small mammals by Lim Boo Liat
  9. The early life history of Chanda gymnocephalus (Lacepede) by Chua Thia-Eng
  10. Observations on locomotor and general behaviour of the siamang by J. Papaioannou



  • The systematic position of Pandanus obovatus and P. calcis, Thailand Pandanaceae by B.C. Stone
  • Selective roosting of Pteropus arquatus by G.S. Jones
  • A rare species of butterfly from West Malaysia by W.A. Fleming
  • Germination of frangipani seeds by Tan Kiap Seng


Letters to the Editor

  • Another specimen of female Elymnias harterti harterti by Tan Ah Sah
  • Fluffy-backed Tit Babbler by R.C. Gregory-Smith
  • A nest record of the Malayan Long-tailed Nightjar by K. W. Scriven

Book Review
Animal world: wildlife in danger by Yong Hoi Sen


Report of the 24th Annual General Meeting 1970-71


  • Professor E. Balasingam
  • Professor J.L. Harrison

Volume 26 (3&4) November 1973


  1. Totally protected and protected wild mammals of Peninsular  Malaysia by Yong Hoi-Sen
  2. Geragau fishing in Malacca by Tun (Dr) Haji Abdul Aziz bin Haji Abdul Majid
  3. Chromosomes of West Malaysian porcupines (Rodentia, Hystricidae) by Yong Hoi-Sen, S.S. Dhaliwal, Teh Kok-Leng, Lim Boo- Liat and I. Muul
  4. Vertebrates at Pulau Perak in March 1973 by N.P. Langham, D.R.  Wells and J.K. Charles
  5. Diurnal behaviour of two local species of Drosophila by V. Phang and B.T. Sng
  6. The banded linsang and the banded musang of West Malaysia by Lim Boo Liat
  7. Fig wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) by S.S. Lee and C.H. Tan
  8. Studies of the Malayan wild pig in Perak and Johore by C.H. Diong
  9. A note on the reliability of annual rainfall data for selected stations in Selangor by C.H. Leigh and K.S. Low
  10. Chromosomes of the pencil-tailed tree-mouse, Chiropodomys gliroides (Rodentia, Muridae) by Yong Hoi-sen
  11. Studies of the seladang (Bos gaurus) in the State of Perak by Mohd. Khan bin Momin Khan



  • Unusual predators of mouse-deer by Lim Boo Liat
  • A mangrove inhabiting cricket from Peninsular Malaysia by D.H. Murphy
  • The mouse-deer of Pulau Tieman by Yong Hoi-Sen


Letters to the Editor

  • Rajah Brooke’s Bird wing in Trengganu by J.N. Eliot
  • Behaviour of Siamang by D.J. Chivers and J.J. Raemaekers
  • Ecology Projects for Lower Secondary School level (Years 7-8) Singapore by C.K. Cheah
  • Effect of drought on Mount Kinabalu by J.B. Lowry, D. Lee and B.C. Stone


Book Reviews

  • United Nations list of national parks and equivalent reserves
  • World national parks: progress and opportunities
  • Books received