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Volume 27 (1&2)

Editorial :

  1. A blueprint for conservation in Peninsular Malaysia
  2. A white-flowered variant of the Beach Morning-glory lpomoea pes-caprae by Benjamin C. Stone
    A note on soil erosion study at Tawau Hills Forest Reserve by liew That Chim
  3. Diversity and abundance of small mammals in two Malaysian offshore islands by Yong Hoi-Sen
  4. Bird Report: 1970 and 1971 by D.R. Wells
  5. Some biological observations on Tasek Dayang Bunting, Langkawi by M. Y adav and M. Ratnasabapathy
  6. Notes on the horned frog by Yong Hoi-Sen



  • Cave earwigs transported by a fruit bat by D.R. Wells and D. Labang
  • Note on the Euthalia phemius complex by W.A. Fleming
  • Note on the Euthalia tribe by W.A. Fleming


Letters to the Editor

  • Serow at Gunong Tempurong by Lee Toh Ming
  • Butterflies and their Commercialization by John S. Garth
  • Spot your own sub-species by Brian Lowry


Book Reviews

  • Animal life and nature in Singapore
  • Ecological principles for economic development



  • Report of the 25th Annual General Meeting 1971-1972
  • Judges’ Report on the Essay Competition on: Biological Resources and Naional Development


Extraordinary General Meeting

Volume 27 (3&4)


  1. Gula Melaka by Tun (Dr) Hj. Abdul Aziz bin Haji Abdul Majid, SMN, DUSM
  2. Freshwater bivalves of Peninsular Malaysia with special reference to sex and breeding by A.J. Berry
  3. Karyotypes of Bufo asper and Bufo melanostictus by Yong Hai Sen
  4. Snakes as natural predators of rats in an oil palm estate by Lim Boo Liat
  5. The management of the Giant Leathery Turtle resource in Peninsular Malaysia by Tho Yow Pong
  6. Scale insects and mealybugs: their biology and control hy S. G. Khoo
  7. The anatomy of West Malaysian snails of parasitological significance by A .J. Berry
  8. Rats from Fraser’s Hill hy Yong Hai Sen


More cave earwigs transported by a fruit bat hy A .N. Stan


Letters to the Editor

  • The tree sparrow in Borneo (East Malaysia and Brunei): A population explosion? by T. Harrison
  • Is it a dugong or a porpoise? by B.S. Morton


Book Reviews

Conservation for development papers and proceedings of the Twelfth Technical Meeting of IUCN at Banf, Alberta Canada: 12-15 September 1972. by H. Barlow