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MNJ Volume 28 (1974 -1975)

Volume 28 (1) September 1974

Editorial :

  1. Rules of The Malayan Nature Society
  2. Further notes on the vertebrates of Pulau Perak, JuJy 1973 by N.P.E. Langham, D.R. Wells and J.K. Charles
  3. Acacia auriculaeformis and Casuarina equisetifolia – the urban invaders by M. Ratnasabapathy
  4. Bird notes – Pulau Selingaan by G.S. de Silva and C. Chong
  5. How many vascufar plants are there in W. Malaysia and Singapore? by Hsuan Keng
  6. A rare skink, Lygosoma miodactylum from the Genting Highlands by P.Y. Berry


A note on parasitized ohironomids by L. Karunakaran

Letters to the Editor

  • Dugongs in Malaysian waters by N. Langham and W.P. Macveigh
  • Tigers reduce honey production by B.J Mainstone
  • Camouflage .in the flying gecko, Ptychozaon kuhli Stejn. by Y.P. Tho
  • Malaysian butterflies by V.F.Doggett


  • Report of the 26th Annual General Meeting 1972-1973
  • Financial Report for the year to 31st May 1973
  • Students’ Photographic Competition 1973

J. Ralph Audy 1914-1974 by M. Nadchatram

Volume 28 (2) December 1974


  1. Appendix to Henderson’s Malayan Wild Howers’ by B.C. Stone
  2. The biology of Pycnoscelus striatus Kirby, the Cave Roach with special reference to Nymphal Development and Instar Differentiation by S.M. Ng
  3. Food of a Tapir, Tapirus indicus by Lord Medway
  4. Estimating regional variations in soil erosion hazard in Peninsular Malaysia by R.P.C. Morgan
  5. A note on the genus Rana: Rana tweediei Smith is synonymous with Rana nitida SmecLley by B.H. Kiew
  6. A new lycaenid butterfly from West Malaysia, and an allied species from Papua, New Guinea by J.N. Eliot



  • A note on the flora of Bukit Talmo by S.C. Chin
  • Mineral deposits in Negara by P.C. Aw


Letters to the Editor

  • On the Dugong by W.P. Macveigh
  • Wanted: Photographs of Mouse Deer and Slow Loris by G. Causey Whittaw
  • An appeal for samples of freshwater and soil algae by M. Ratnasabapathy

Volume 28 (3&4) June 1975


  1. A Study of the Punan Busang: Introduction by P.N. Avadhani
  2. A Study of the Punan Busang, I: The Community by D.B. Ellis
  3. A Study of the Punan Busang, II: Language by E. Bryant Wilson
  4. A Study of the Punan Busang, III: Punan Hunting Methods by C. Sloan
  5. A Study of the Punan Bu sang, IV: Medical Report by T.B.N. Oldrey
  6. A Study of the Punan Busang, V: Music by H. Martin
  7. A Study of the Punan Busang, VI: Appendix
  8. Observations on the Luminescence produced by the Malayan Gastropod Dyakia striata by James Parmentier and Anthony Barnes
  9. Notes on a rare species of Arboreal Rat, Pithechir parvus Kloss by B.L. Lim and I. Muul
  10. Bird Report: 1972 and 1973 by D.R. Wells



  • An annotated list of Lichens from Penang by Nathan Sammy
  • Second record of the Bronzed Tube-nosed Bat (Murina aenea) in Peninsular Malaysia by George R. Sly
  • Malocclusion of the incisors in a Mueller’s Rat (Rattus muelleri) by George R. Sly


Letters to the Editor

An unusual variant of the coral Herpolitha limax by Graham Eagleton


Book Review

An Essay on the Architectural and Dynamics of Growth of Tropical Trees by F. Halle et. al., reviewed by Ruth Kiew