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MNJ Volume 29 (1975 – 1976)

Volume 29 (1) September 1975

Editorial :

  1. Thelypteris viscosa and its allies in Malaya by R.E. Holttum
  2. The behaviour of Siamang in the Krau Game Reserve by David J. Chivers
  3. Notes on new locality records of some rare Snakes in Peninsular Malaysia by Lim Boo Liat and Mohd. Sharef bin Kamarudin
  4. The function of the membranes of Ptychozoon spp. by Lord Medway
  5. Report on the Leathery Turtle Conservation programme at Rantau Abang, Trengganu by Kiew Bong Heang


Letters to the Editor

  • Sooty tern by G.S. de Silva
  • Precis lemonias lemonias invades Perak by Michael K.P. Yeh


Annual Reports

  • Report of the 27th Annual General Meeting, 1973/74
  • Financial Report for year ending 31st May, 1974
  • Report from the Branches

Volume 29 (2) December 1975


  1. The Reproductive Biology of some Tintailing Weeds by Ruth Kiew
  2. Report on the Turtle Beach of Tanjong Kling, Melaka, by Kiew Bong Heang
  3. Some Aspects of the Bacteriological Conditions of Sungai Renggam, Shah Alam, Selangor by Ho Sinn Chye
  4. Interband relations, leadership behaviour and the initiation of human-oriented behaviour in bands of Semi-wild free ranging Macaca fascicularis by Christopher Spencer
  5. Studies on Thompsonia sp. a parasite of the edible swimming crab Portunus pelagicus by V.P.E. Phang
  6. The Soil Micro-Arthropods of Pantai Acheh Forest Penang, Malaysia by N.P.E. Langham


Short Notes

  • A Kill by Serigala, Cuon alpinus by Lord Medway
  • Some observations on Protosiphon botryoides (Kuetz). Klebs from Penang Island, West Malaysia by M.W.R.N. De Silva


Book Review

  • Common Malaysian Fruits by Betty Molesworth Allen, Longman Malaysia
  • Butterflies of West Malaysia & Singapore by W.A. Fleming

Volume 29 (3) March 1976


  1. Ascobolus scatigenus, a common Cowdung fungus by G. Lim and Y. L. Koh
  2. The Chalcidoid parasites of the scale insects Saissetia nigra (Nietner) and S. coffeae (Wlk.) in Malaysia by Chua T.H.
  3. Mus Caroli, Bonhote, 1902, A New Mammal for Peninsular Malaysia by N.P.E. Langham, and Lam Yuet Ming
  4. Communal Tree – Hole Roosting By A. Falconet, Microhierax Sp. And Its Significance by Clifford B. Frith and Dawn W. Frith
  5. New Locality Records for Some Peninsular Malaysia Amphibia, Reptilia and Mammalia by George R. Sly
  6. Plantations as a Habitat for Wild Life in Peninsular Malaysia with Particular Reference to the Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) by J.E. Duckett, CDA, AISP
  7. Hormonal Manipulation in the Service of Insect Pest Control by Tan Keng Hong


Short Notes

  • A brief note on the Blue Naped Parrot in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah by D.V. Jenkins
  • A Note on a Preliminary Study of Respirable Dust Particulate Air Pollution in Kuala Lumpur Peninsular Malaysia by Sham Sani and Shaharuddin Ahmad
  • Notes on Dustfall In and Around Batu Caves, Selangor by Sham Sani


Book Review

  • Trees of Sabah by P.F. Cockburn
  • The Amphibian Fauna of Peninsular Malaysia by P.Y. Berry
  • A Field Guide to the Birds of South East Asia by Ben King, Martin Woodcock and E.G. Dickinson

Volume 29 (4) July 1976


  1. Welcome Address by Khoo Khay Huat
  2. Taman Negara – Present Demands and Future Pressures by
    Ken Rubeli
  3. Why Have National Parks or Nature Reserves by Lim Wah Ching
  4. National Parks in Sabah for Whom and For What? by D. V. Jenkins
  5. National Parks, Environmental Conservation and the Public by S.M. Mohd. Idris
  6. Problems in the Second Century of United States National Park Management by Eslie Lampie
  7. Walking Trails in Taman Negara by Musa bin Nordin
  8. A Proposal for a Malaysian National Park Service by B. C. Stone
  9. Present and Future National Parks in Sabah by D. V. Jenkins
  10. Potential Sites for National Park (a Case for More National Parks by Gunasilan
  11. The Need for More National Parks by G.S. De Silva
  12. The Need for Marine Parks and Reserves in Malaysia by N.P.E. Langham
  13. On a National Park for Pulau Pinang by J.E. Ong and G. Dhanarajan
  14. Proposal for an Intergrated Plan of a National Park in Perak by Ding Cheong Hoong
  15. The Tembeling Hydro-Electric Project from the Taman Negara View Point by Ken Rubeli
  16. Botanical Exploration in the Gunung Leuser Nature Reserve (Acheh, Indonesia) by M. Jacobs & W. J. J.O. De Wilde
  17. Resolutions Passed
  18. Session Chairman