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MNJ Volume 30 (1977-1978)

Volume 30 (1) August 1977

Editorial :

Studies of the Malayan Elephant (Elepbas maxim us) by Mohd. Khan b. Momin Khan

  • On the population and distribution of the Malayan Elephant
  • Aging of elephants: estimation by foot size in combina­tion with tooth wear and body dimensions.
  • Reproduction, Productivity and Mortality of the Malayan Elephant.
  • The three senses of the Malayan Elephant.
  • Utilization of plants and fruits by Elephants.
  1. Mus caroli Bonhote, 1902, a new Mammal for Peninsular Malaysia by N.P.F. Langham and Lam Yuet Meng
  2. Brachiation and Biomechanics: the Siamang as example by J. G. Fleagle
  3. Foraging behaviour of Pteropus vampyrus on the flowers of Durio zibethinus by Edwin H. Gould
  4. Rediscovery of Rhacophorus robinsoni, an Asian Tree-frog, in Peninsular Malaysia by Yong Hoi Sen
  5. Collecting wild species of Drosophila by V. E. P. Phang
  6. Parasites of Periplaneta americana L. in Penang, Malaysia, part I. by Khairul Anuar A. and T.P. Paran
  7. A note on the occurrence of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Acanthaster planci (L.) on some Sabah coral-reefs by P.G. Morris
  8. The lost caves at Batu Selangor by Lord Medway
  9. On the identity of the Nicobar Breadfruit and a record of Pandanus leram fruit in beach drift in Pulau Langkawi, Kedah by B. C. Stone
  10. European weeds introduced to Gunong Ulu Kali, Genting Highlands, Pahang by B. C. Stone and H.J.M. Bowen



  • A new Forestry Journal, The Pterocarpus. Reviewed by the editor.
  • The Flora of Hassan District, Karnataka, India, ed. Saldanha & Nicolson.
  • Tropical Rainforest of the Far East by T.C. Whitmore.

Volume 30 (2) August 1978


Introduction to the Malaysian I.B.P. Synthesis Meetings by E. Soepadmo
List of Registered Participants

Welcoming Addresses K.D. Menon, Hon. Michael Chen. Pasoh in Perspective by P. W. Richards



Micrometeorology of Pasoh Forest by M. Aoki, K. Yabuki, and H. Koyama

Three-dimensional distribution of light intensity in a Malaysian tropical forest by K. Yoda

Slope hydrology and denudation in Pasoh,

I. Surface Wash; Experimental techniques and some preliminary results by C.H. Leigh
II. Throughflow; Experimental techniques and some preliminary results by C.H. Leigh



  • Plant biomass and growth increment studies in Pasoh Forest by R. Kato, Y. Tadaki, and H. Ogawa
  • Vegetation and Soil A.ssociation in tropical forests by P.S. Ashton
  • Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Mineral Nutrients Stock in soils of Pasoh Forest by K. Yoda
  • Photosynthesis studies in Pasoh Forest by H. Koyama
  • Respiration Studies in Pasoh Forest Plants by K. Yoda
  • Micrometeorological assessment of primary production rate of Pasoh Forest by K. Yabuki and M. Aoki
  • Primary productivity of Pasoh Forest, A synthesis by T. Kira



  • The Vertical distribution of Aerial insects in Pasoh Forest  Reserve by R. Ng
  • Population studies of soil microfauna (particularly Acari) in Pasoh Forest by I. Leow
  • Numbers biomass, and metabolism of soil animals in Pasoh Forest Reserve by S. Chiba
  • Distribution of termites in Pasoh Forest Reserve by T. Abe and T. Matsumoto
  • Population density, biomass, nitrogen and carbon content, energy values and respiration rate of four species of termites in Pasoh Forest Reserve by T. Matsumoto
  • Numbers and biomass of insectivorous birds in the under­storey of Rainforest at Pasoh by D.R. Wells
  • A contribution to the estimation of litter production and tree loss in Pasoh Forest Reserve by J. A. Bullock
  • Litter production and Carbon cycling m Pasoh Forest by H. Ogawa
  • Litterfall and mineral content of litter m Pasoh Forest by M.T. Lim
  • Accumulation and decomposition of wood litter in Pasoh Forest by T. Yoneda, K. Yoda and T. Kira
  • The role of termites in the breakdown of dead wood in the forest floor of Pasoh Forest Reserve by T. Abe
  • The role of termites in the decomposition of leaf litter on the forest floor of Pasoh Forest Reserve by T. Matsumoto
  • Litter production in tropical ecosystems by H. Klinge
  • Nutrient Concentration in Precipitation, Throughfall, and stemflow in a lowland tropical forest in Peninsular Malaysia by N. Manokaran
  • The possible significance of leaf fall and decomposition in Malaysian mangrove swamps by J. A. Mathias



The conservation of Pasoh Forest by A. Burges

Volume 30 (3&4) November 1978


  1. Conservation of Limestone Hills, a Geologist’s View by P.C. Aw
  2. Flora of Pulau Perak, 1976. J.C. Beltran
  3. The Peninsular Malaysian Species of Hoya (Asclepiadacea) by R. E. Rintz
  4. New records of Rattans (Palmae-Lepidocaryoideae) for Peninsular Malaysia by J. Dransfield & N. Manokaran
  5. Germination and Seedling Form in Salacca edulis (Palmae) by J. .P. Mogea
  6. The genus Balanaphora (Balanophoraceae) in Peninsular Malaysia by R. Kiew
  7. Papilio memnon (Lepidoptera): a Tailed “butlerianus” in Peninsular Malaysia by F.M.M. Clarke
  8. Collections of Scorpion-flies (Mecoptera) in West Malaysia by N.D. Penny & M. L. Avery
  9. Parasites of Periplaneta americana Linn. (Cockroaches) in Penang, II. by K. Anuar A. & T.P. Paran
  10. The Gibbons (Hyloabates) of Peninsular Malaysia by D. J. Chivers
  11. Stratification and Feeding Differences among Malayan by Squirrels. K.S. MacKinnon


Book Review: Tropical Trees: Variation, Breeding, and Conservation (Ed. J. Burley & B.T. Styles); The Fresh­water Swamp Forest of South Johore by B.C. Stone (E. J. H. Corner)


Obituary: Dr. J. Ohwi. by K. Iwatsuki