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MNJ Volume 31 (1977 – 1978)

Volume 31 (1) August 1977

Editorial :

  1. Manipulation And Regeneration Of The Mixed Swamp Forest In Sarawak by Lee Hua Seng
  2. Seasonal Rainfall Distribution Over West Malaysia by Chia Lin Sien
  3. The Silent Jungle Transmission Cycle Of Dengue Virus And Its Tenable Relationship To Endemic Dengue In Malaysia by A. Bruce Knudsen
  4. Coral Reefs In Sabah : Present Damage And Potential Dangers by Elizabeth M. Wood
  5. Management Of Big Game With Particular Reference To Elephants by lrven O. Buss

Book Review

Volume 31 (2) December 1977

Editorial :

  1. Biochemical Genetic Characteristics Of Malaysians by Lie-lnjo Luan Eng & J. Ganesan
  2. Secular Changes In Temuan (Malaysian Orang Asli) Settlement Patterns, Subsistence And Health by F. L. Dunn
  3. The Fern Flora Of Gunong Telapak Burok by A. G. Piggot
  4. Swamp Ecosystems by C. Howard-Williams
  5. Zoonotic Studies Of Small Animals In The Canopy Transect At Bukit Lanjan Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaysia by Lim Boo Liat, Illar Muul & Chai Koh Shin
  6. Throughfall, Stemflow And Interception Studies On Hevea Stands In Peninsula Malaysia by T. S. Teoh

Volume 31 (3) April 1978

Editorial :

  1. Girth Class Distribution Of Seraya Shorea (Shorea curtisii)  As An Indication Of Its Regeneration And Recruitment In Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by Wong Yew Kuan & Teo Teck Seng
  2. Forest Manipulation and Regeneration In Sabah by Liew That Chim
  3. Inheritance Of Flower Colour In Clitoria (Clitoria ternatea L.) by K. H. Chow
  4. The Natural Diet Of Three Malaysian Freshwater Pulmonate Snails by Margaret D. Palmieri, lames R. Palmieri and John T. Sullivan
  5. The Sharing Of Food Sources Between Two Gibbon Species In The Wild by Jeremy John Raemaekers
  6. Parasitic Nematodes Of The Tragulidae In Relationship With Other Helminth GroupsbyA.G. Chabaud, M. C. Durette-Desset, Lim Boo Liat and G. Dubost

Volume 31 (4) July 1978

Editorial :

  1. Population Assessment, Distribution and Movement in Cicendela Sumatrensis HBST (Coleoptera : Cicindelidae) by Tock H. Chua
  2. The Osteology of The Grey Mullet, Liza Subviridis (Valenciennes). The Branchiocranium, Vertebral Column and Girdles by A. K. Mohammad Mohsin
  3. The Nomenclature and Identity of The Javanese Frog Rana Macrodon Dumeril and Bibron by Kiew Bong Heang
  4. Some Bionomic Data on The House Geckos of Singapore by L.M. Chou
  5. Cannibalism ·and Necrophagy in A Subterranean Termite by G. Dhanarajan
  6. Area Management for The Javan Rhinoceros (Rllinoceros sondaicus Desm.) A Pilot Study
    by Rudolf Schenkel, Lotte Schenkel – Hulliger and Widodo Sukohadi Ramano