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MNJ Volume 34 (1980 – 1981)

Volume 34 (1) September 1980

Editorial :

  1. Territorial Fighting by Lesser Mouse-Deer. G. W. H. Davison
  2. Synopsis of Memecylon L. (Melastomataceae) In The Malay Peninsula. J. F. Maxwell
  3. The Community Structure of The Fringing Coral Reef, Cape Rachado. Goh Ah Hong and A. Sasekumar
  4. A Chemical Analysis of The Habitat of Nine Commonly Occuring Malaysia Freshwater Snails. Margaret D. Palmieri, James R. Palmieri and John T. Sullivan
  5. Observations On The Occurrence of Zornia Cantoniensis Mohlenbr In Malaysia.
    M. Ratnasabapathy




Volume 34 (2) December 1980

Editorial :

  1. Lichens from Gunong Mulu National Park Sarawak, East Malaysia. – Part 1 : Introductory Account. Nathan Sammy
  2. Lichens from Gunong Mulu National Park Sarawak, East Malaysia. – Part II: Foliicolous Lichens. Nathan Sammy
  3. Ecology and Morphology of the Freshwater Fishes of Selangor. Part I : Cyprinoid Fishes of the Sub-families Abraminae, Rasborinae and Garrinae and Family Homalopteridae
    and Cobitidae. A. K. Mohammad Mohsin
  4. Violets at Cameron Highlands. J. A. Reid
  5. Inheritance of Flower and Stem Colours in Balsam (Impatiens balsamina L.) Y. S. Kong and K. H. Chow
  6. Population Density and Movements of the Lesser Gymnure, Hylomys Suillus. Robert L. Rudd
  7. Additional Information of Helminths in Puntius Binotatus from Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
    Leong Tak Seng

Volume 34 (3) March 1981

Editorial :

  1. Dicrocoelid digenea in Callosciurid Squirrels from various habitats in Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia : Infection patterns in Relation to Host Ecology. C. Betterton and B. L. Lim
  2. Notes on the Macrofungi of Langkawi. A. J. Kuthubutheen
  3. First Record of leaf cuttings under natural condition in Phyllagathis (Melastomataceae). R. Kiew and L Mohamed
  4. Parasites of freshwater fish from Alor Star and Sungei Patani fish markets, Kedah. T. S. Leong and Ahmad Safri bin Mokhtur
  5. The Marine Chlorophyceae and Phaeophycoac of Penang Island. Philip Crane

Volume 34 (4) July 1981

Editorial :

  1. Introduction
  2. Corals and Coral Morphology
  3. Scleractinian Corals
  4. Non-Scleractinian Coral
  5. Glossary
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Bibliography
  8. Appendix – Note on Collecting sites
  9. Figures
  10. Plates