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MNJ Volume 35 (1982)

Volume 35 (1&2) March 1982

Editorial :

  1. A study of gonadal maturation and sexual maturity in the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis de Man by Chong Ving Ching
  2. Some aspects of the ecology of the mangr ove forest at Sungei Bulah, Selangor. I. Analysis of environmental factors and the floral distribution and their correlation­ship by George Tee Ai Cheh
  3. Cyprinoid fishes of the Subfamily Cyprininae in Selangor by A.K. Mohammad Mohsin and Mohd. Azmi Ambak
  4. Locomotor behaviour of the Sumatran Orang Utan (Pongo pygmaeus abelii) at Ketambe, Gunung Lenser National Park by Jito Sugardjito
  5. Parastenocaris arganoi (n. sp.) a new Troglobian species from Malaysia by Vezio Cottarelli and Graziella Mura
  6. The life cycle of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides (Acarina : Ixodidae) under laboratory conditions by Saleh Ismail, M. Nadchatram, T.M. Ho and C. Raja­manickam
  7. The butterfly fauna of the grounds of the Forest Research Institute: species record by Y.P. Tho and A. Mahyudin
  8. A preliminary limnological survey of an eutrophic pond,Taman Jaya Pond, Petaling Jaya by J. Saravanamuthu and R. P. Lim
  9. The thermal characteristics of some West Malaysian rivers by J. Crowther
  10. Agroforestry: A sustainable land-use system for the fragile ecosystems in the tropics by P. K. R. Nair
  11. Algae growing on walls around Singapore by K.B. Lee and Y.C. Wee
  12. Notes on some ecological adaptations in Drynarioid ferns by Subhash Chandra
  13. Woody climbing Melastomes in the Malay Peninsula by J. F. Maxwell
  14. Wild vegetable consumption on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia by Carol Laderman


  1. Observations on nesting behaviour in the Rhinoceros hornbill, Buceros rhinoceros by Andrew D. Johns
  2. On three swallowtail butterflies from Peninsular Malaysia by J. N. Eliot
  3. Two intermediate female forms in Papilio memnon by F.M.M. Clarke and Tan Ah Sah
  4. An exotic spice introduced to Gunong Ulu Kali, Genting Highlands by A.G. Piggott
  5. Additions to the fern flora of Gunong Telapak Burak by A.G. Piggott


Is it Callophis macclelandi? by Lin Jinda



Notes on the macrofundi of Langkawi by A. J. Kuthu-butheen


Book Reviews

  • Malaysia’s green and timeless world (review by F.S.P. Ng)
  • Butterflies of Oman (review by H.S. Barlow)

Volume 35 (3) May 1982

Editorial :

  1. Studies in Malesian Vitaceae VI. The Malay Peninsula species of Cissus L. by A. Latiff
  2. Equisetum in Malaysia by Mabani Yahaya and R. Kiew 
  3. Notes on the vegetation and flora of Pulau Pemanggil by A. Latiff
  4. Inheritance of isocitrate dehydrogenase in the cultivated soybean by H.S. Yong, C. Mak, K.L. Chan and S.S. Dhaliwal
  5. Variation of forewing spot number in the mineus-group of Mycalesis (Lepidoptera, Satyridae) in S.E. Asia by W.D. J. Kirk
  6. The life history of the Mottled Emigrant butterfly by Peter A.C. Ooi
  7. Stress behaviour in orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) by Georgette K. Maroldo

Volume 35 (4) June 1982

Editorial :

  1. The mating and egg-laying behaviour of the cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis Erhenberg by Ridzwan Abdul Rahman and M. W.R.N. de Silva
  2. Multiple isocitrate dehydrogenase alleles in Toxorhynchites metallieus (Diptera: Culicidae) by H.S. Yong, S.S. Dhaliwal, J.J.S. Burton, W.H. Cheong and G.L. Chiang
  3. Some aspects of the ecology of the mangrove forest at Sungai Buloh, Selangor. IL Distribution pattern and population dynamics of tree-dwelling fauna by George Tee Ai Cheh
  4. On the occurrence of the large brown cockroach Peri­planeta brunnea in Peninsular Malaysia by John Jeffery, Mohd. Zahedi Daud, Mohd. Abdullah Marwi, Robiah Majid and Chiang Geok Lian
  5. A new species of Atrophaneura butterfly from Sumatra by Syed Zafri Zin and K.F Leow
  6. A new subspecies of Pathysa antiphates (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) from Sumatra by V. W. Y. Tung
  7. A new female-from of Papilio memnon anceus (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) from Sumatra by V. W. Y. Tung
  8. Notes on the Large Tailed Nightjar by J.E. Duckett and NE. Duckett
  9. Three new itch mites of the family Psorergatidae (Acari, Prostigmata) from Malaysian small mammals by K.M. T Giesen, FS. Lukoschus and M. Nadchatram