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MNJ Volume 36 (1982 – 1983)

Volume 36 (1) August 1982

Editorial :

  1. A new generic classification in the Phalaenopsis-complex (Orchidaceae) by P.S. Shim
  2. The life histories of Euploea crameri bremeri and Idea hypermnestra linteata (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) by Lawrence G. Kirton, Tan Man Wah and Colin G. Kirton
  3. Glucose phosphate isomerase polymorphism in the mango leaf-cutting weevil Deporaus marginatus (lnsecta: Curculionidae) by H.S. Yong, S.G. Khoo and CS. Ooi
  4. Description of a bat parasite, Oiirobia eonycteris n.sp. (Acari : Astigmata : Teinocoptidae) from Malaysia by J.S.H. Klompen, FS. Lukoschus, A. Fain and M. Nadchatram
  5. Bird Report: 1974 and 1975 compiled by D.R. Wells

Volume 36 (2) November 1982

Editorial :

  1. The Plantain Squirrel in oil palm plantations by J.E. Duckett
  2. Freshwater siluroid fishes of Selangor by A .K. Mohammad Mohsin and Mohd. Azmi Ambak
  3. Ceroglyphus malaysiensis n.sp. (Acaridae) from the nest of a carpenter bee in Malaysia by A. Fain, F.S. Lukoschus and M. Nadchatram
  4. Effects of incubation temperature on the hatching of the catfish (Clarias macroccphalus Gunther) eggs with an illustration on the larval stages by M. F. A. Mollah and E.S. P Tan



  1. The Sunda shrew, Crocidura monticola: a correction, and first records from Peninsular Malaysia by G. W. H. Davison, Earl of Cranbrook and Paulina D. Jenkins
  2. Eye colour polymorphism in the Babirusa pig by Chris Wemmer and Dick Watling
  3. The dermal shield of the Lesser Mouse Deer by Chris Wemmer and Jack West
  4. A note on Christisonia scortechinii, a parasitic !lowering plant of the Broome-Rape lamily (Orobanchaceae) by H.S. Barlow

Volume 36 (3) February 1983

Editorial :

  1. Notes on some butterflies from Peninsular Malaysia by Colin G. Kirton and Laurence G. Kirton
  2. Environmental radiation levels in Malaysia: A review by C. E. Ng and G. Dougherty
  3. Female solo singing by a wild Jar gibbon in Peninsular Malaysia by Julian Oliver Caldecott and Elliott H. Haimoff
  4. The inorganic nutrient contents, photosynthetic values and other related environmental factors of Sungai Trengganu, Trengganu by Lokman Shamsudin and Juhari Husin
  5. Social change in a family of siamang (Hylobates syndactylus) by Elizabeth L. Bennett, Geoffrey W.H. Davison and Michael Kavanagh
  6. Bird Report: 1976 and 1977 compiled by D.R. Wells

Volume 36 (4) May 1983

Editorial :

  1. Distribution and number of Sumatran rhinoceros in the Endau-Rompin region of Peninsular Malaysia by Rodney W. Flynn and Mohd. Tajuddin Abdullah
  2. Reproduction in the rice field rat, Rattus argentiventer by T. M. Lam



Graphium clains (Jordan): a correction by J.N. Eliot

Aspects of the reproductive anatomy of the Dusky Leaf Monkey (Presbytis obscura) by G.J. Burton



  1. Effects of elevation on vegetation on Gunung Jerai, Kedah by K.M. Kochummen
  2. Check List of endemic trees of the Malay Peninsula by F.S.P. Ng and C.M. Low
  3. Malaysian butterflies -an introduction by Yong Hoi-Sen



Murray Ross Hunderson (1899 -1982)