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MNJ Volume 38 (1984-1985)

Volume 38 (1&2) August 1984

  1. The genera of Peninsular Malaysian Rubiaceae formerly confused with Randia by K.M. Wong
  2. Notes on the natural history of Thottea dependens (Aristo­lochiaceae) and the occurrence of foliar sclereids within the genus by Ruth Kiew
  3. Spironoura roberti sp. n. (Nematoda: Kathlaniidae) from the Malayan box-tortoise Cuora amboinensis by L.M. Chou and C.M. Lowe
  4. Life cycle of the tick Amblyomma cordiferum Neumann under laboratory conditions by T.M. Ho and Salleh Ismail
  5. Addendum: A New Endemic Species of Ilex (Aquisoliaceae) from Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia by Benjamin C. Stone and Ruth Kiew


Volume 38 (2) November 1984

  1. Observations on the fruiting and growth of some agarics in a dipterocarp stand by L.T. Hong, P. Thillainathan and Arshad Omar
  2. A synopsis of Morinda (Rubiaceae) in the Malay Peninsula, with two species by K.M. Wong
  3. On some butterflies from Malaysia and Peninsular Thailand by J.N. Eliot
  4. Bird report: 1978 and 1979 compiled by D.R. Wells
  5. A new species of frog (Kalophrynus baluensis n. sp.) from Mount Kinabalu by Kiew Boon Heang

Volume 38 (3&4) May 1985

The Moths of Borneo: Family Noctuidae: Subfamilies Euteliinae, Stictopterinae, Plusiinae, Pantheinae by J.D. Holloway

  1. New combinations
  2. Subfamily EUTELIINAE
  3. Zoogeography
  4. Systematic account
  6. Subfamily PLUSIINAE
  7. Subfamily PANTHEINAE
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. References
  10. Checklist