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Volume 40 (1&2)

The Moths of Borneo: Key to Families; Families Cossidae, Metarbelidae, Ratardidae, Dudgeoneidae, Epipyropidae and Limacodidae by J.D.








Volume 40 (3&4)

  1. The coral reefs of the Bodgaya Islands (Sabah: Malaysia) and Pulau Sipadan
  2. Physical features of the islands and coral reefs by Christopher R. Wood
  3. Hard Coral by Elizabeth M. Wood and Bian Siew Tan
  4. Macroinvertebrates by ]. David George and Jennifer George
  5. Fishes by Christopher R. Woodand Elizabeth M. Wood
  6. Scientific summary, conservation issues and recommenda­tions by Elizabeth M. Wood,]. David George, Jennifer George and Christopher R. Wood