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MNJ Volume 40 (1986-1987)

Volume 40 (1&2) August/November 1986

The Moths of Borneo: Key to Families; Families Cossidae, Metarbelidae, Ratardidae, Dudgeoneidae, Epipyropidae and Limacodidae by J.D. Holloway







Volume 40 (3&4) February/May 1987

The coral reefs of the Bodgaya Islands (Sabah: Malaysia) and Pulau Sipadan

  1. Physical features of the islands and coral reefs by Christopher R. Wood
  2. Hard Coral by Elizabeth M. Wood and Bian Siew Tan
  3. Macroinvertebrates by J. David George and Jennifer George
  4. Fishes by Christopher R. Woodand and Elizabeth M. Wood
  5. Scientific summary, conservation issues and recommenda­tions by Elizabeth M. Wood, J. David George, Jennifer George and Christopher R. Wood