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MNJ Volume 43 (1989-1990)

Volume 43 (1) August 1989

  1. Lowland species of Pentaphragma (Pentaphragmataceae) in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore by Ruth Kiew
  2. Description of a new species of montane freshwater crab of the genus Sundathelphusa Bott, 1969 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinucoidea) from Borneo by Peter K.L. Ng and Robert Stuebing
  3. Growth and development of the fern Lygodium japonicum in Singapore by L.L. Chua and Y.C. Wee
  4. Ophrida nigripennis (Baly), a new combination (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae) by Mohamed Salleh Mohamedsaid
  5. Preliminary studies on plankton, primary production and fish in the Inner Brunei Bay by Olof Lindén, Bjorn Ganning and Lennart Lindeström
  6. New species of Gasteromyzontine fish, Gastromyzon danumensis from Sabah, Borneo by Chin Phui Kong and Robert F. Inger
  7. Paradiplozoon (Diplozoidae) from freshwater fishes of Peninsular Malaysia by Lim L.H.S.
  8. Pseudoleskeopsis zippelii (Leskeaceae), a new record for the moss flora of Peninsular Malaysia by M.A. Haji Mohamed and Baki Bakar

Volume 43 (2) November 1989

  1. A new Bornean species of loach, Elxis sabanus (Cobitidae) from Mendolong, Sabah by P.K. Chin
  2. First record of the loach, Botia beaufortii (Cobitidae) from Peninsular Malaysia by Mohd Zakaria-Ismail
  3. Notes on the ecology of some marine epiphytic rhodophytes at Cape Rachado, Peninsular Malaysia by S.M. Phang
  4. Multiradiate bryophyte propagules from foam and scum in Malaysian rivers by A. Nawawi and M.A. Haji Mohamed
  5. Techniques for capturing and marking Philippine Flying Lemurs, Cynocephalus volans by E.W. Wischusen and M.E. Richmond
  6. New and little-known myrmecophytic associations from Bornean rain forests by U. Maschwitz, B. Fiala, Ying F.L., Vun K.C. and Fui L.T.

Volume 43 (3) February 1990

  1. Malayan Bird Reports compiled by Dr. R. Wells
    • 1982 – 1983
    • 1984 – 1985
    • 1986 – 1987

Volume 43 (4) May 1990


1. The Malayan Nature Society Rompin-Endau Expediation: 1989 by G.W.H. Davison

Geology and Environment

2. A brief description of the Tebak Formation in the Ulu Kinchin area, Pahang, Malaysia by Che Aziz Ali and I. Komoo


3. An annotated checklist of plants from Ulu Kinchin, Pahang Malaysia by A. Latiff et al.

4. Notes on the ground flora of Gunung Keriong, Pahang, Malaysia, including two new species by Ruth Kiew

5. Rattans from Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Tan C.F., R.S. Raja Barizan and M.N Nur Supardi

6. Notes on the distribution of Cryptocoryne affinis (Aracea) in Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by M. Mashhor, Y. Zulfigar and A. Ahyaudin

7. A phytochemical survey of Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Ikram M. Said et al.

8. Some medicinal plants from Sungai Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Baharuddin Sulaiman, Adenan Jaafar and Mashhor Mansor


9. Record of a hairworm (Phylum Nematomorpha) from a Tettigoniid grasshopper in Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Yang C.M., P.K.L. Ng and Lua H.K.

10. A note on the molluscs of the Endau-Rompin Park, Peninsular Malaysia by Lau H.K. and P.K.L. Ng

11. A note on the springtail fauna (Class: Collembola) of Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysias by Y.H. Koo and L. Deharveng

12. Aedes shortii, a new record for Peninsular Malaysia and notes on mosquitoes from Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by A. Abu Hassan

13. The abundance and diversity of hymenopterans in Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Tan C.L.

14. A preliminary checklist of the semiaquatic and aquatic hemiptera (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha and Neopomorpha) at Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by D. Kovac and Yang C.M.

15. A note on the Formicidae (Hymenoptera) from pitfall traps at Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Koo Y.H.

16. A preliminary checklist of leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by M.S. Mohamed-said, Ismail Salleh and Mohd Nor Hassan

17. Freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Endau Rompin Park, Peninsular Malaysia by Ng P.K.L.

18. The caridean prawns (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Endau Rompin Park, Peninsular Malaysia by Ng P.K.L. and Choy S.C.

19. Freshwater fish of Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Lim K.K.P., M. Kottelat and P.K.L. Ng

20. The amphibian fauna of Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by Lim K.K.P.

21. Bird diversity in the Sungai Kinchin area, Pahang, Malaysia by D.R. Wells

22. Primate abundance at Ulu Kinchin, Pahang, Malaysia by G.W.H. Davison


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