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MNJ Volume 44 (1990-1991)

Volume 44 (1) August 1990

  1. The husbandry and veterinary care of captive Sumatran Rhinoceros at Zoo Melaka, Malaysia by Zainal-Zahari Zainuddin, Mohd-Tajuddin Abdullah and Mohd-Shamsuddin Mohd Suri
  2. Phyllagathis praetermissa (Melastomataceae), a new species from Peninsular Malaysia by A. Weber
  3. Two new varieties of Nepenthes from Borneo by Jumaat H. Adam and C.C. Wilcock
  4. Notes on the social behaviour of wild proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) by R. Rajanathan and E.L. Bennett
  5. The taxonomy and biology of Parathelphusa maculata De Man, 1879 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Parathelphusidae) by Peter K.L. Ng
  6. A re-examination of data on structure and floristic composition of hill and lowland dipterocarp forest in Peninsular Malaysia by N. Manokaran and K.M. Kochummen

Volume 44 (2) December 1990

  1. Assessment of standard methods for the detection of faecal contamination in the monitoring of streams in an equatorial rain forest by C.L. Loh, H.M. Zain, Y.F. Ngeow, C.W. and Y.C. Ho
  2. Diatom distribution and inter-site relationship in the Linggu river basin, Peninsular Malaysia by I.S.A. Nather Khan
  3. Seed and wasp production in five fig species (Ficus, Moraceae) by R.T. Corlett, V. Boudville and K. Seet
  4. Some implications of resource removal in the control of mynas (Acridotheres spp.) in Singapore by K. Nee, J.B. Sigurdsson, C.J. Hails and J.J. Counsilman
  5. Cyprinid fishes of the genus Cyclocheilichthys in Peninsular Malaysia by Mohd Zakaria-Ismail

Volume 44 (3&4) May 1992

Annotated Bibliography compiled by Ruth Kiew and Kay Lyons

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