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MNJ Volume 57 (2005-2006)

Volume 57 (1) March 2005

  1. A Prehminary Assessment of the Diversity of Geometroid Moths within Different Types of Forests in Peninsular Malaysia by J. Intachat, J.D. Holloway and M.R. Speight
  2. Camera Trapping: A Non-Invasive Approach as an Additional Tool in the Study of Mammals in Pasoh Forest Reserve and Adjacent Fragmented Areas in Peninsular Malaysia by Shinya Nurrzata, Toshinori Okuda, Tatsushi Sugimoto, Sen Nishimura, Keiichiro, Yoshida, Eng Seng Quah, Masatoshi Yasuda, Kullatida Muangkhum, and Nur Supardi Md. Noor
  3. Pre-Logging Survey on Vettebtate Species Diversity at Sungai Weng Sub-Catcflment Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Kedah: Amphibian Fauna by Norsham Y. Norhayati A., Fuad Shariff, Nordin and  Lim B. L.
  4. Exploitation and Yrade in Seashores in Peninsular Malaysia by C. K. Choo and H. C. Liew
  5. Flowering Phenology and Pollination of Dipierocarpus (Dipterocarpaceae) in Borneo  by Rhett D. Harrison, Teruyoshi Nagamitsu, Kuniyasu Momose  and Tamiji Inoue
  6. Fishes and Ecological Aspect in the Southern Region of Lake Toba and its Associated Rivers, Sumatra Indonesia. by Rainer Thomas

Volume 57 (2) September 2005

  1. A Pre-Logging Survey on Vertebrate Species Diversity at Sungai Weng Sub-Catchment, Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Kedah. 2: Reptilian Fauna by Norsham Y., Norhayati A., Fuad Shariff, M. Nordin and Lim, B.L.
  2. A Preliminary Checklist of Vascular Plants from the Machinchang Range, Pulau Langkawi,
    Peninsular Malaysia by L.S.L. Chua, S. kamarudin,M. Markandan and M. Hamidah
  3. Ecological Diversity ofFigs (Ficus, Moraceae). at Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak by Rhett D. Harrison
  4. The Fishes and Invertebrates of Ma·ngrove Estuaries in Northeastern Langkawi Island  by Chong V.C., Affendy N., Ooi A.L and, Chew L.L
  5. A Comparison of the Bird Fauria of a Forest Fragment and a Continguous Forest: Lessons for Aviation’ Conservation by Ginny-Ng, S.L., M. Shahrim­ Senik, A. Zubaid, and G. W.H. Davison
  6. A Brief Survey of Invertebrates in Caves of Peninsular Malaysia by K. Dittmar, M.L. Porter, L. G. Svenson, M.F. Whiting
  7. Activity and Habitat Use of Two Sympatric Mouse-deer Species, Tragulus javanicus and Tragulus napua, in Sabah, Borneo by Hisashi Matsubayashi and Jum Rafiah Abd. Sukor
  8. Moss Diversity of Langkawi Islands, Peninsular Malaysia by Haji Mohamed, Yong Kien Thai, Ahmad Damanhuri and Qistina Abdul Latiff

Volume 57 (3) November 2005

  1. Management of Perlis State Park: The Roles and Contributions of Research
  2. An Annotated Preliminary Checklist of the Orchidaceae in Bukit Rongkit, Perlis State Park, Peninsular Malaysia
  3. Avifaunal Observation from Perlis State Park Wang Burma, Perlis
  4. Additional Record of Avifauna from Guriung Perlis and Heritage Trail, Perlis State Park, Perlis
  5. Preliminary Study on the Composition and Distribution of Odonata in Perlis State Park
  6. Additional Records of Freshwater Fishes for Perlis State Park; Peninsular Malaysia
  7. Local Communities and tourism in Perlis State Perak Challenge and Opportunities in Facilitating Community Participant

Volume 57 (4) May 2006

  1. Camera Trapping as a Tool to Study Ground Dwelling Birds?
  2. An Annotated Checklist of Herpetofauna of Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia
  3. Impacts of Forest Conversion on Biodiversity as Indicated by Moths
  4. Diversity of Beetles in the North East Langkawi Islands, Malaysia
  5. Insect Species Described from Alfred Russel Wallace’s Sarawak Collections


Short Communication:

  • Casque-butting in Great Hornbills Buceros /Jicornis: An Observation from Pulau Langkawi, Peninsular Malaysia


Book Reviews:

  • Wallace in Sarawak – 150 Years Later: An International Conference on Biogeography and Biodiversity
  • Aquatic Ecology of Rice Fields