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MNJ Volume 62 (2010)

Volume 62 (1&2) March 2010

  1. The Moths of Borneo: Family Noctuidae, subfamilies Pantheinae (part), Bagisarinae, Acontiinae, Aediinae, Eustrotiinae, Bryophilinae, Araeopteroninae, Aventiinae, Eublemminae and further miscellaneous genera by J.D. Holloway
    • Introduction
    • Systematic account
    • Subfamily Pantheinae
    • Subfamily Bagisarinae
    • Subfamily Acontiinae
    • Subfamily Aediinae
    • Subfamily Eustrotiinae
    • Subfamily Bryophilinae
    • Subfamily Araeopteroninae
    • Subfamily Aventiinae
    • Subfamily Eublemminae
    • Misc Genera
    • New taxa
    • New combinations
    • New synonymy
    • Status changes and revivals
    • Acknowledgements
    • References
    • Checklist
    • Index
    • Figures and Colour Plates

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Volume 62 (3) September 2010


  1. Cabombaceae, a new family record for Peninsular Malaysia by M.Y Siti-Munirah and M.Y. Chew
  2. The flora of Tasik Bera, Pahang, Malaysia by A.R. Rafidah, M.Y. Chew, A.R. Ummul-Nazrah and S. Kamarudin
  3. An annotated checklist of micro-landsnails from limestone areas in Langkawi Islands, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia by M.R. Norhanis, S.H. Tan, Y. Zulfigar, S. Panha, C. Sutcharit and P. Tongkerd


  1. An update on diversity of sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in Malaysia by K.R. Kamarudin, A.M. Rehan, R. Hashim and G. Usup



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Volume 62 (4) December 2010


  1. The Caves of Batu Caves: a Toponymic Revision by T.W. Lim, S.S. Yussof and M. Ashraf
  2. Lacessititermes yamanei and Hospitalitermes seikii two new species of open-air processional termites from West Sumatra, Indonesia by Syaukani
  3. Novelties in the Annonaceae of Borneo: new speices of Artabotrys, Polyalthia and Pseuduvaria and a new combination in Desmos by I.M. Turner

Short Note

  1. The Diversity of Sea Cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in Five Reefs of the South China Sea by S.P. Woo, Y. Zulfigar, M.R. Norhanis, C.P. Teh and S.H. Tan



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