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MNJ Volume 63 (2011)

Volume 63 (1&2) March 2011

  1. The Moths of Borneo: Families Phaudidae, Himantopteridae and Zygaenidae; revised and annotated checklist by J.D. Holloway
    • Introduction
    • Systematic Account
    • Checkllist (with contents)
    • Notes for Checklist (with contents)
    • Summary of errata noted during publication of the series
    • Appendix. The Moths of Borneo: building on the past with the benefit of fresh field sampling to construct a taxonomic foundation for the future by J.D. Holloway and H.S. Barlow
    • Figures and Colour Plates





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Volume 63 (3) September 2011


  1. A preliminary investigation into the effect of hunting on three large ungulate species in Peninsular Malaysia, with implications for tiger conservation by Gareth Goldthorpe and S.H. Neo
  2. Analysis of a nest of Vespa multimaculata Perez, 1910 by M.E. Archer
  3. Insectivorous bat assemblage in the hill dipterocarp forest of Temengor Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia by Joann C.L., Christine Fletcher, Hannah M.W. Salim, Abdul Rahman K., Rhett D. Harrison and Matthew D. Potts
  4. New records of florivory on dipteracarp flowers by Arthur Y.C. Chung, Colin R. Maycock, Eyen Khoo, Chey Vun Khen and Roger C. Kendrick

Short Note

  1. First record of Cyclosiella spiralis (Arctiidae: Lithosiinae) from Peninsular Malaysia by Muhamad Ikhwan Idris and Fatimah Ab’ang
  2. Preliminary Checklist of the Herpetofauna of Jerejak Island, Penang, Malaysia by Evan S.H.Quah, Shahrul Anuar, M.S., Grismer, L.L., Mohd Abdul Main, M.A., Chan, K.O. and Grismer, J.L.

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Volume 63 (4) December 2011


  1. Tree diversity of a lowland coastal forest, Teluk Bahang Permanent Forest Reserve, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia by Rahmad Zakaria, Asyraf M. and Mashhor Mansor
  2. Lost Aroids: On the taxonomic importance of relocating poorly collected species by Peter C. Boyce and Wong Sin Yeng
  3. The Botany of Gunung Padang, Terengganu, Malaysia by A.R. Ummul-Nazrah, A.R. Rafidah, R. Kiew and K. Imin
  4. Two New species of Gesneriaceae from Gunung Padang, Terengganu, Malaysia by R. Kiew

Short Note

  1. A checklist of chiropterans from a disturbed forest at Bukit Maras, Terengganu by Muhammad Hafiz Sulaiman and Chong Ju Lian



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