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MNJ Volume 65 (2013)

Volume 66 (1&2) 2014


  1. Fauna of Porcellidiidae (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) from Sungai Pulai, Malaysia by K. Zalehai, A.M. Abang Jefri and M.S. Hasimah
  2. A Note on Bats from Camp 5, Mulu World Heritage Area, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo by Isham Azhar, Mohd-Ridwan A.R., Licia Ho, Millawati Ghani, Sarina Mat Yasin and M. T. Abdullah
  3. Interactions between Indo-Pacific humpback and Irrawaddy dolphins in Cowie Bay, Sabah, Malalysia by Amyra Suryatie Kamaruzzan and Saifullah Arifin Jaaman
  4. Species Diversity of Herpetofauna of Bukit Panchor State Park, Penang, Peninsular Malaysia by Evan S.H. Quah, Shahrul Anuar Mohd Sah, Mohd Abdul Muin, M.A., Nur Amira A. Rahman, Fatim Syakirah Mustafa and Grismer, L.L.
  5. Additions to the Herpetofauna of Jerejak Island, Penang, Peninsular Malaysia by Ibrahim Jaafar, Amirah Hurzaid, Shahriza Shahrudin, Nurhafizah Ibrahim, Zalina Awang, Yap Chlee Hui, Nurliza Abdul Majid and Nur Hafizah Che Zaaba

Short Note

  1. A new record of Chaerephone johorensis at Mount Jerai, Kedah, Malaysia by Jayaraj Vijaya Kumaran, Isham Azhar and Siti Hajar Muhammad Daud


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Volume 65 (2&3) June & September 2013

  1. Ethogram of the Free Ranging Nasalis larvatus in Bako National Park, Sarawak by Mohamad Kombi and Mohd. Tajuddin Abdullah
  2. A Classified List of Megachiroptera in South-East Asia by P.S. Bhatnagar
  3. A Survey of Fish Diversity in Sungai Enam, Temenggor Lake, Perak by Ahmad Ismail, Mohamad Noor Amal Azmal, Muskhazil Mustafa, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Mohd. Noror Hisham Mohd. Nasir and Faid Rahman
  4. Distribution and Localities of Java Merdeka Fish (Oryzias javanicus) in Peninsular Malaysia by Shahrizad Yusof, Ahmad Ismail and Faid Rahman
  5. Development of Eggs and Larvar of the Common Swallowtail Butterfly, Papilio polytes (L.) (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Malaysia by Ibrahim Jaafar, E.C. Sim and Amirah Hurzaid
  6. Responses of Dung Beetles to Logging Under Selective Management System in Peninsular Malaysia by T. Hosaka, M. Kon, T. Ochu, T. Okuda, T. Yamada, E. Butod and L.G. Kirton
  7. The Diversity and Density of Marine Dinoflagellates in The Middle Zone of The Straits of Malacca by Mohamed Maar Naqqiuddin, Azura Alim, Idris Abdul Ghani, Hishamuddin Omar and Ahmad Ismail
  8. A Catalogue of the Lejeuneaceae of Malaysia by G.E. Lee, S. Robbert Gradstein, L. Soderstrom and A. Latiff
  9. Taxonomic Value of the Stipe Anatomy in Davallia Smith (Davalliaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia by B. Ummu-Hani, T. Noraini, H. Maideen, A. Damanhuri, S.R. Geo, H. Khatijah and A.R. Ruzi
  10. Systematic Significance of Petiole Anatomical Characteristics in Microcos L. (Malvaceae : Grewioideae) by C.A.C. Nurul-Aini, T. Noraini, A. Latiff and R.C.K. Chung
  11. Taxonomic Realignment of Malaysian Vascular Plants in Burkill’s Monumental Dictionary by K. Mat-Salleh, I.M. Turner and A. Latiff


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Volume 65 (4) December 2013

  1. A new calcicolous variety of Cryptocoryne nurii Furtado (Araceae) from Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia by Niels Jacobsen, Jan D. Bastmeijer, Herman Bernard Ganapathy, Khairul Nasiruddin Abu Mangsor, Mashor Mansor, Ahmad Sofiman Othman, Siti Nurfazilah Abdul Rahman, Rosazlina Rusly, and Joshua Siow
  2. Gastrodiajavanica (Orchidaceae) – A New Record for India from Little Nicobar Tribal Reserve, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India by C. Murugan and S. Prabhu
  3. Phyllanthus gracilipes (Miq.) Mull.Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) – A new record for India from Great Nicobar Island by J. Jayanthi, K. Karthigetan and R. Sumathi
  4. On the Annonaceae of Taman Negara, Peninsular Malaysia by A. Latiff
  5. On the Relationship of Global Mangrove Diversity and Ecosystem Function using Spatial Regression Analysis by Youhua Chen
  6. A Preliminary Checklist of Macromoths (Lcpidoptera: Heterocera) of Jeli, Kelantan, Malaysia by N. Fauzi, K. Hambali, F.K. Ean, N.S. Subki, S.A. Nawawi and M.H. Jamaludin
  7. Insect Guild Communities on Melastoma malabathricum Growing Along A Busy Roadside by Nur-Athirah Abdullah, Wan Juliana Wan Ahmad, Shamsul Khamis and Faszly Rahim
  8. The Preliminary Survey of Avifauna in Gaya Island, Sabah, Malaysia by Jephte Sompud, Andy Immit Mojiol, Maklarin Lakim
  9. Avian Richness and Habitat Characteristics in Primary and Logged Hill Dipterocarp Tropical Rainforest of Peninsular Malaysia by Diau Ya Bing, Muhammad Nawaz Rajpar and Mohamed Zakaria


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