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MNJ Volume 69 (2017)

Volume 69 (1) March 2017

  1. Status of aquatic insect (Insecta) communities in rivers flowing out of caves in northern Peninsular Malaysia
  2. Spatio-temporal dominant omnivorous ant-saproxylic beetle species interactions around epigeal-based microhabitats within different oil palm age stand types
  3. Man-made maternity roost selection by Scotophilus kuhlii (Lesser Asiatic yellow bat) in two anthropogenically altered habitats
  4. Nutrient piracy: evidence for the role of litter-trapping fungi in forest nutrient cycling in Sabah, Malaysia
  5. On the distribution of Altingia excelsa Noronha (Hamamelidaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia with special reference to Tembat Forest Reserve, Terengganu
  6. Biomass and carbon stock estimation along different altitudinal gradients in tropical forest of Gunung Basor, Kelantan, Malaysia
  7. Wood anatomical features of Aquilaria (Thymelaeaceae) and Gonystylus (Gonystylaceae) in Malaysia
  8. A revision of Tetrastigma (Miq.) Planch. (Vitaceae) in Sarawak, Borneo
  9. Effects of forest proximity on fruit set and visitor body size of Sandoricum koetjape (Burm.f.) Merr. in Southern Thailand
  10. Education for sustainable development : Primary school children’s knowledge of the forest in Kitakyushu, Japan


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Volume 69 (2) June 2017

  1. Leaf anatomy and micromorphology of Cardiospermum halicacabum L. (Sapindaceae)
  2. A new Vanilla species from Peninsular Malaysia
  3. Leaves morphology in Madhuca Buch. – Ham. ex J. F. Gmelin (Sapotaceae) and its taxonomic significance
  4. Pollen morphology of selected species of Ruellioideae (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia
  5. Leaf anatomical characteristics of some Pouteria Aubl. (Sapotaceae) species in Peninsular Malaysia
  6. Assessment of firefly abundance at a new ecotourism site of Sungai Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia
  7. Distribution, size and density of Corbicula fluminea at Pattani and Saiburi rivers in Southern Thailand
  8. Species diversity and distribution of Ostracoda (Crustacea) in Sungai Kubang Badak, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  9. Carbon estimation and economic value of Nypa fruticans (Thunb.) Wurmb. in Marudu Bay, Sabah, Malaysia
  10. Stream fishes of West Ipoh, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia
  11. Human-wildlife conflict : A study of local perceptions in Jeli, Kelantan, Malaysia
  12. A revision of Justicia L. (Acanthaceae) of Yemen


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Volume 69 (3) September 2017

  1. Dung beetle assemblages at three zonation of Tasik Chini Biosphere Reserve, Pahang using several modified pitfall traps
  2. Association between the synchronous firefly population and some biotic and abiotic factors along the Sungai Sepetang banks at Kampung Dew, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
  3. Distribution and habitat selection of the Asian Openbill (Anastomus oscitans) in Peninsular Malaysia
  4. Daily activity budget, feeding preferences and habitat choice of giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) at Zoo Negara Malaysia
  5. Unique swimming gait of a water spider in Malaysia
  6. Species diversity and checklist of Anurans on Langkawi Island, Peninsular Malaysia, with an overview of habitat preferences
  7. Taxonomic value of leaf anatomical characteristics of Ficus L. (Moraceae) in Peninsular Malaysia
  8. A botanical reconnaisance in Tranum Forest Reserve, Raub, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia
  9. A revision of Barleria L. (Acanthaceae : Ruellioideae : Barlerieae) of Yemen
  10. Vanilla norashikiniana R. Go et A. Raffi sp. nov., A New Orchid Species From Peninsular Malaysia


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Volume 69 (4) December 2017

  1. Habitat occupancy and activity patterns of the long-tailed macaques and pig-tailed macaques in Sarawak, Borneo
  2. Microsatellite DNA polymorphism of Macaca fascicularis populations in Malaysia
  3. Monkey school : Training phases for coconut-picking macaques (Macaca nemestrina)
  4. Prevalence factor of ectoparasites infestation towards reared pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) in monkey school, Bachok, Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia
  5. Preliminary study of activity budget, visitors’ effect and space preferred by a lar gibbon (Hylobates lar) in captivity
  6. Activity budget of captive orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) at Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island, Perak, Malaysia
  7. Effect of environmental enrichment on activities of captive orangutans at Taiping Zoo, Malaysia
  8. Daily activity budget of silver leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus cristatus) in Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP), Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia
  9. Preliminary assessment of distribution and behaviours of primates at Penang National Park, Malaysia
  10. Dispersal and immigration strategies in primate males
  11. Evolution of human from primates – A review on religio-scientific discourse
  12. A brief study on public’s perception, knowledge and willingness to participate in primate conservation


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