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MNJ 81st Anniversary Special Issue 2021

MNJ 81st Anniversary 2021

Introduction. 2021: An anniversary of anniversaries
Gathorne, Earl of Cranbrook

1. Historical review of Milky Stork population and the species’ conservation in Malaysia
Ahmad Ismail & Faid Rahman

2. Mangrove conservation for posterity with underpinning scientific ecosystem research
Ong, J.E., Gong, W.K. & Wong, C.H.

3. Reef Balls Project in Sarawak, Malaysia
Oswald B. Tisen, James Bali & Christopher Kri Ubang

4. Endangered wild cattle of Malaysia: Past, present and prospects
John Payne, Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Hasliza Abu Hassim, Mohd Zamri Saad, Punimin Abdullah & Zainal Zahari Zainuddin

5. Krau Game Reserve, Pahang, from 1968-1985 : A personal narrative, and a review of primate research
David J. Chivers

6. Gibbons (Hylobates funereus) in Sabah, 1950-2050 : A song of resilience
Adi Shabrani, Middle Seen Kapis, Tinrus Tinduk, Zuraimi Rahman, Donna Simon & Glyn Davies

7. Research on Malaysian small mammals: An overview
Hoi-Sen Yong

8. A bibliometric analysis of 69 years of publications on Snakes by the Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia, 1950–2019
Heng Pei Pei, Cheong Yoon Ling, Ali Aman Marine, Noraini Osman, Balvinder Singh Gill & Lim Kuang Hock

9. The expansion of Canopy science from Malaysia to the world: A 50-year phenomenon (1970 to 2020)
Andrew W. Mitchell & Katherine Secoy

10. Species, Forests, Cities: Protecting and improving tree stands and the fate of species in urbanised and changing environments
K.M. Wong, M. Sugumaran, Y.H. Cheah & S. Suksuwan

11. Revisiting Ulu Gombak after half a century: Repeat mist-netting programme identifies change in an understory forest bird community
Muhammad Rasul Abdullah Halim, Mohammad Saiful Mansor & Rosli Ramli

12.Implications of climate change for Malaysian tropical montane bird communities discernible over a 14-year interval
Malcolm C.K. Soh, Carilynne Ng, Chong Leong Puan & Kelvin S.-H. Peh

13.Collecting moths of Malaysia: The contribution of the Genting Tea Estate Collection
Sofwan Badrud’din & Henry S. Barlow

14. Troides andromache Staudinger 1892: The Natural History and Conservation of the Kinabalu or Borneo Birdwing butterfly
Stephen Sutton, Corné F.H. van der Linden, Tom M. Fayle, Kalsum M. Yusah, Alim Biun, Arthur Chung, Paul Foronda, Saiheng Taradas & Bart P.J. Burger

15. A tree alone: ex situ conservation and inbreeding depression studied in a cultivated tropical rainforest tree, Neram (Dipterocarpus oblongifolius)
K.M. Wong, M. Sugumaran & W.L. Goh

16. Dragonflies and Damselflies: Malaysian Odonata conservation
Jose I. Furtado

17. Zooarchaeology at Niah Cave: Contributions to our understanding of Southeast Asian Prehistory
Philip J. Piper & Lim Tze Tshen

18. Cave survey, mapping and modelling in Sarawak
 James Handfield Jones

19. Sustainable management of Brown-rumped Swiftlets (Aerodramus fuciphagus vestitus) at Lubang Salai, Middle Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia
Lim Chan Koon & Kebing Wan

20. An urban wildlife experience and potential citizen science project: Migratory Barn Swallow roosts in Peninsular Malaysia
Mohammad Saiful Mansor, Muhammad Rasul Abdullah Halim & Rosli Ramli

21. Differential fertility and possible causes of sterility among tropical woody bamboos
W.L. Goh & K.M. Wong

22. Odoardo Beccari Centenary – Revealing Sarawak’s Biodiversity
Katharine Georgina Pearce & Valerie Mashman

23. To prevent extinction of Endangered Large Mammals: Changing perceptions and practices, 1960-2020, and proposals for a future approach
John Payne

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